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Semiconductor innovation hardware intelligence

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these Tencent. Has been so smooth, WeChat dominate the political arena, earn pours. The reason why Ma Huateng was scared out in a cold sweat? We think about the answer: if WeChat is not developed by the Tencent, if the phone QQ and WeChat's competition does not occur within the Tencent, then Ma Huateng's day would have been like today so comfortable? Do not know which one day will have the next social products to replace WeChat.

Hardware discontinuity

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the 4 Internet giants are rooted in PC the times, and when the user begins to migrate from the PC to the intelligent mobile phone, everyone needs to escape, so it was so hard for the acquisition of Facebook. From the point of view of change and development, the crisis of these Internet top companies is because of this: the discontinuity of hardware. When the survival of their hardware platform to begin the conversion, to overcome the discontinuity from the computer to the intelligent mobile phone, and then a successful Internet business is also very careful. And the occurrence of this discontinuity, is accelerating. Or Ren Zhengfei he want to clear: "software defined world? Can you grab a handful of software in your hand?"

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this discontinuity and subversion of the industry the phenomenon, each realm is happening, and intelligent Hard Suits Inc are these changes lead. />

in this wave of discontinuity across the process, will be the birth of a large number of ten billion U.S. dollars level of the company. Millet is a very good example, it used 4 years to achieve a $45 billion valuation, has 150 million users in china. Calculated by sales in China is already the third largest electricity suppliers, today, millet also want to do the technology sector of the non - printed products. This is not the traditional sense of the electronic Hard Suits Inc, you will find that in such a business, the boundaries of hardware and software is constantly blurred, the hardware began to software, the software is also hardware.

millet is not the most wonderful, we look at the music, Jia Yueting all the way from the coal mine video, television, mobile phone to do, and then do sports, film and television, VR, now began to do the car. How can such a company understand it? Some people say that this is a company by PPT and conference drive. But the problem is that people are really driving forward!

now, Elon Musk will go to mars! He just delivered a speech last month, to use the cost of less than $200 thousand, in his lifetime to send people to mars. No one laughed at his dream now.

30 years is too long, then what will happen in 10 years?

imagine in 2026, with the semantic recognition, cloud computing and AI technology, the next generation may no longer need to worry about learning english. By that time, perhaps some kind of intelligent headset, even the phone comes with real-time translation. />

today's intelligent Hard Suits Inc seem to have no product maturity, there is no down cost process, product development is like the aircraft in flight when the engine. Rhythm of the company. For chip manufacturers, this means that if the first generation of products Design in do not go in, may have no access to the generations. China is a typical example, just 3 years, China has become the world's second largest wearable hardware business, more than apple and Garmin. Millet Bracelet 2 generation to 149 yuan price, to achieve the display, heart rate monitoring, 3 weeks of standby and other functions and performance. Released last month, China watches, for less than the price of 1/5 achieved the same performance with foreign products even better, because it is the product of China's rapid iterative ability.

new model of intelligent hardware chip

intelligent Hard Suits Inc decided that they are no longer a mobile phone manufacturers, the new demand for chip factory is also presented. We see that there are two opposite trend in intelligent hardware industry: one is the vertical integration, here, we say that not only is apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, the volume of the company, but more after A round, B round of financing, valuation of about 500 million began to establish their own chip team and the company of course, for chip customization services, these complex SoC custom chip is not the most cutting-edge technology.

second types: do not understand the hardware, do not want to understand, this is the Internet as the background of the intelligent Hard Suits Inc for more than.

for the needs of the company, I summed up the following 3 points: the first is the

support: intelligent Hard Suits Inc in the successful implementation of chip before, find it very hard, because no amount of upstream manufacturers are unwilling to cooperate. But after the success of the contrary, the chip companies to find a smart Hard Suits Inc to sell chips very hard, because the Hard Suits Inc did not have time to do down cost.

is second speed : many programs need to provide immediately, while the majority of foreign manufacturers is too slow, a message back and forth for the day, but to use English communication, it is difficult to adapt to the rhythm now.

third : the original scheme is required to provide system level Turnkey program, and hope to provide, including software algorithm, a complete solution for chip companies, rather than the simple Reference chip + design.

before most of the options provided by IDH, and this model is very difficult to meet intelligent Hard Suits Inc speed today, because once the products than competitors later listed, even if it is 1 weeks, will have the essential difference.

so, what is the intelligent hardware in the end what is it? One of our clients, Dr. CEO Archiwave Lu Jianhua gave an answer: the original chip may need to chip as the core and foundation, in order to enter the market module and system.

modular innovation

when the end product iteration speed more and more quickly, terminal enterprises only time to polish their own core competitiveness the establishment of his long board, the rest of the building to the supply chain, but also provide the most rapid degree. Speed to speed up, but also to do the program, it seems that the semiconductor industry is not a good treatment to work overtime!

above is not the most trouble, the most worry is the fragmentation of the market, the supply chain is a nightmare.

do UAV Xinjiang market has been close to 10 billion dollars, the consumption of the UAV market share of more than 80%, 2016 sales of 10 billion yuan, according to 4000 yuan fold, which is 2 million 500 thousand of the shipments, conversion to the chip was much wafer? If you take a wafer out of 5000 die calculations, only 500 a year wafer. />


TI company has 100 thousand product lines, intelligent hardware networking era may need 1 million, 10 million product line, what kind of organization architecture to support the small pieces of multi category demand?

Moore's law and the Internet thinking agree without prior without previous consultation

; improve the industry efficiency of resource allocation, in response to the terminal market demand, we need to change. Need to model innovation. Here, understanding and application of "Internet thinking" is the key, in fact, the semiconductor industry should be the most familiar with the Internet thinking, in a sense, we are familiar with Moore's law and it is very similar, is nothing more than the use of the most advanced tools to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of performance. Moore's law, the tool is advanced Process technology, on the Internet, the tool is a variety of new software.

; elite global semiconductor elite

in the application and innovation of the mode of thinking of the Internet Moore, elite has made some attempts, our core business is to recruit. Mentioned recruitment, a lot of people's first reaction is the head hunting, we do have the industry's most excellent, the largest semiconductor search team, but this is not the focus. The key is the line recruitment platform, on-line a year there have been 500 semiconductor companies, 300 thousand semiconductor professionals in complete coverage of the semiconductor industry chain.

Moore elite media platform for the semiconductor industry: Observation of , which is currently the industry focus number, the highest amount of reading WeChat public number.

Moore APP live, and a large number of third party general broadcast platform, Moore live is to create a real-time interactive platform of semiconductor industry and professional audience. The recent campus recruitment season, there are more than and 100 semiconductor companies in the mole live APP held online seminars, and from more than and 60 schools, more than 30 thousand graduates interactive. Later we will provide semiconductor, intelligent hardware field of online product release, training, seminars, technical sharing and more professional live content.

welcome to Moore elite booth 37-38 Black & ~

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