From the consumer point of view: smart home where the next gold ten years?

Consumption concept gold intelligence

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80 and 90 has become the main force in the consumer appliance market, consumer attitudes are also constantly young. With the growing up of the Internet after 80, 90 after the pursuit of fashion, focus on personality, more emphasis on the control of the product's intelligence.

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! Therefore, the national standards committee also issued a "new national standard air purifier" (March 1, 2016 onwards), made a clear request on the empty net performance. Will accelerate the shuffle, is conducive to the further specification of the industry.

! In addition, small household appliances maintenance customer service problem has been criticized, customer service, to repair parts do not match, and customer service are often lead to prevarication. A number of small household appliances Sex products.

key words: intelligent
smart! Home Furnishing to the rapid development of the reasons due to the smaller chip, in addition, the intelligent mobile phone, smart TV and other smart devices have used intelligent consumer habits in recent years, small household electrical appliances industry will continue start the intelligent exploration, such as electricity Reservation function of rice cooker, anti fall function of intelligent sweeping machine, etc..
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health in recent years is also of concern, from a time such as bamboo shoots growing up can be seen on the popular purifier enterprises pay more and more attention to health problems. Of course, in the current environment pollution is increasing, this development is the trend of the times.

! With the rapid growth of health appliances, home appliances category differentiation market performance, sales lengrebujun. Data show that with the residents to enhance awareness of health and consumer awareness, health appliances continued to grow rapidly, 1~10 month air purifier, water purification equipment retail sales increased by 66% and 72.1% respectively.
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! Now, small domestic appliances enterprises have secured a second tier city market, the three or four line of the city's small household appliances market lies in the regional electricity supplier in the hands, belongs to the frontier, and belongs to the virgin land in rural areas.
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