Yohen - the fifth session of the annual board of directors of private entrepreneurs China

Entrepreneurs board of directors China private

lingjiaogongfang· 2016-10-19 09:28:52

Chinese to attend the fifth session of the annual board of directors of private entrepreneurs,
China together create enterprise Yao change time!

Proudly Made in China
from the barbaric growth of
to the proud
Chinese enterprises face the ultimate test
precision technology
and the era of the Internet and big data
all professional enabler open cooperation
to create 1300 of the critical point of yohen
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Chinese enterprise yohen time
is not impetuous, no flicker, no easy way
to make enterprise
pupe to create value in
adhering to this new era of "box-sizing: border-box style=
Chinese enterprise yohen
10 28, "Beijing
fifth annual meeting of the Chinese entrepreneur private board of directors style= box-sizing: "border-box
please look forward to!

09:10-10:40 cross-border leadership
15:30-15:50 style= "box-sizing: break
08:00-14:00 workshop to experience the 2016 annual golf tournament
08:30-18:30 fourth October China Stone Management Forum

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10 28 09:10-10:40
cross-border leadership
"; make the man, the achievements of people "as the theme, director, doctors, architects, education and other fields, invited the most insightful thought leaders and creative theme to make a speech.

I won several International Film Awards
-- former Peking Union Medical College Hospital emergency room physician
-- "superwoman in the emergency department in"
-- current amcare outpatient center CEO< /section>
  Bachelor of architecture of Tsinghua University, University of Pennsylvania of architecture Shuo
  AIM (Architects in Mission) International Design Contest, I20 youth entrepreneurship platform, URM country hit off the alliance sponsor
>   border-box; "Hongkong" Phoenix Weekly "editor
  the famous documentary" fire thief "producer
  for the" great Qin Empire "written" Qin cavity "

New Horizons commercial 10 28 11:00-12:30
to" the transformation and upgrading of enterprises "as the theme, in the industry, the Internet + big data, cloud computing / 4, industrial design and marketing services, invite the most insightful thought leaders and creative theme to make a speech.

-- first data committee chairman
  The Sequoia Capital Fund experts China partner

after the 2012 Milan Design Week Award winner this" From Yuhang "and" -Handmade In Hangzhou "financial sponsor

-- hit off Silicon Valley capital founder
when Israel technology founder
4: industrial happening in the future "

Zhang Ding" border-box "/ > Youthology; -- co-founder
; sound artist
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