The most distant distance: 10 days in the city express delivery is not sent

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" original title: City Express 10 days not sent to

through courier dubbed "the most distant distance"

source: 24 km distance in a straight line law Weekend reporter Jiang Qidong

express from the sender to the recipient to rule the weekend to long hands? Working in Wangjing, Beijing Zheng Yu (a pseudonym) told reporters on the rule of law, the world's most remote distance, may be from Wangjing to Changping in the city express.

9 28, Zheng Yu, the use of express delivery from Wangjing to Changping, however, has been waiting for more than ten days, the recipient has not received the express. Until October 9th, because the recipient express company distribution too late and refused to sign, Zheng Yu express was wholly intact to play back to Wangjing.

"this delivery experience can only be described as bad. "Zheng Yu said with emotion," I sent 10 days are not sent to the future will not be sent through the courier. "

is not more than 10 days to express

in September 28th this year, Zheng Yu used the express pass from Wangjing sent to Changping Baishan Town, the city should be able to send that to the recipient hands quickly, unexpectedly left to wait, is the first more than and 10 days of this period, Zheng Yu several times to call the customer service phone through courier hurry, never to express news service.

Zheng Yu to rule the Weekend reporter said, he sent a document of the company, and involves the recipient company jointly held a special meeting in November, long time did not send to the recipient, will undoubtedly affect the early preparations for the meeting.

rule Weekend reporter from Zheng Yu and the recipient understands that the courier sent from Wangjing in late September 28th to October 9th, at seven or eight p.m., before delivery to the recipient unit, the final recipient to send too late on the grounds of rejection.

courier company later said to be compensated. But this kind of express delivery, the loss caused by the delay is no way to make up, simply can not use the money to measure. Zheng Yu said.

Zheng Yu according to provide express order, rule Weekend reporter in through courier to the official website of the express, on the evening of September 28th at 7:51 and 7:52 on the morning of September 29th had arrived in Changping science and Technology Park of Baishan town outlets, and displays are being sent, but after they had no message.

until October 9th at 9:19 in the evening, the query page shows the Changping science and Technology Park "has received Baishan town outlets". At 5:31 on the morning of October 10th, returned to Wangjing express.

"in this period I to express pass the official customer service had no less than 5 times on the phone, ask the courier now where, what time can be sent to each customer, but will only reply" I help you ask, "did not have a little effect. "Zheng Yu told reporters," it was too late to end, so the other party directly rejected, October 9th delivery and sent me back wholly intact. "Why is

ten days did not reach

on the delivery delay issue, law Weekend reporter through courier. The relevant responsible person said: "after the sender and the recipient, and the internal network to send pieces of various verification, the following description of the event: send pieces contact the recipient delivery times, but because of the time and place without agreement, and because of the holiday, which leads to the shipment delay. "

express pass the relevant person in charge of the matter to rule the Weekend reporter responded that the express" September 28th acceptance, September 29th delivery, according to send pieces of outlets of Changping science and Technology Park Baishan town responsible person reflect, express is to arrive at 11, receives an address to the relatively remote, every time is at seven or eight in the evening, this to contact the recipient, the recipient, not at the destination, have a holiday.

however, the recipient but told the rule of law on the Weekend reporter, the first contact with the courier delivery is already eleven during the holidays, at this time he is not at work, simply can not receive courier.

30 morning, Zheng Yu for the first time to call the customer through courier to express pass the relevant responsible person also confirmed this point: "from Mr. Zheng call 95311 (through courier official customer service phone call, asked in the morning to), but the morning is not sent to the recipient to send pieces of network connection good after October 8th delivery. "

makes Zheng Yu angry, the October 8th has not been able to express delivery to their recipients. In October 8th, Zheng Yu also repeatedly call through courier service reminder, but said the recipient in October 8th failed to receive. The

connection, through courier relevant responsible person told the reporter: "8 day weekend rule is sent to the network at seven or eight in the evening, said the recipient came too late, the 9 day requirement of rejection, sent a dot to inform the sender recipient rejection, demanded the return of the sender. "

Zheng Yu noted in through the official website of the Express query page does not show any information delivery in October 8th, but on October 9th at 9:19 in the evening has been received. The recipient told reporters the weekend rule, after the October 9th delivery was too late, so rejected.

"why every time it is seven or eight in the evening, not in advance? This point has been off work, how can you receive the express? "Zheng Yu is puzzled, in accordance with the express pass that their September 29th first delivery is until seven or eight at night, since it has been aware of the existence of late distribution problems, then the second should advance the delivery, but second or three times the distribution still exists such problems. The email address can be remote one after another of the reasons for the delay? "Why

distribution can not be delivered in advance? Reporters asked the relevant person in charge, but as of press time did not receive a reply.

did not put forward rectification measures

in fact, in the city through the delivery of the delivery delays occur, not a new thing.

in the Internet search through the Express City, you can see many users questioned in the city through the delivery of express delivery slow network. Some users said the city sent two or three days not to, there are friends that sent 5 days to send the shipment is still not moving, even some users said 7 days are not sent to.

however, as Zheng Yu encountered in the 10 days of the situation is not much.

rule of law over the Weekend reporter call the official customer service through the express delivery to the recipient in the hands of how long it will take? Express customer service staff, said: "promised within 24 hours to send, but can not guarantee when the time to send to.

rule of law over the Weekend reporter learned that, in May 1, 2012 the official implementation of the national standard of express delivery services: the complete delay of the express, courier service organizations should be compensated according to the relevant provisions. According to the type of domestic express delivery service, the total delay time limit for the city express is 3 calendar days. It is understood that a total delay time limit, is defined as the delivery service from the express delivery service to achieve the date of arrival, the user can be regarded as a loss of time interval.

through the commitment within 24 hours of delivery, however, Zheng Yu sent 10 days are not sent to the recipient in the hands of the recipient, has long exceeded the total delay time. The

problem for subsequent handling of the ticket express delivery delays, through courier to the relevant person in charge of law Weekend reporter said: "according to the national express industry related standards, the courier service fee from the sender, and the sender compensation telephone charges, the sender that recognized. We will also continue to maintain contact with the sender until the shipment is satisfied. At the same time, we also apologize to the recipient, has made a collection of people understanding. "

Zheng Yu told reporters the weekend rule, the subsequent processing of express pass if he recognized, mainly depends on whether the express pass for rectification commitment to ensure the next city to send express delivery of their recipients.

I have not been in the commitment to improve the service, in order to avoid the next city to send a long time to send out the case, so I chose another courier company to provide future services. Zheng Yu said.

on the follow-up to the problem of how to rectify the rule of law, the reporter asked about the weekend through courier relevant person in charge, but as of press time did not get a response.

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