[English] betray you? Cruyff disciples set off the double blue

Johan Cruyff

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"perhaps, if the pape and Ronald didn't meet, they will not pass on the field of activity, to understand each other. The lack of such advantages, there would be no success after."

                        & nbsp;; Stoichkov (a famous Bulgarian striker, Barcelona striker "dream team")

when his request, teammates." God Father "era is also their coach and mentoring, multi win, currently in the Premier League are acclaimed. 7 round after the summer together move to Manchester City, their only negative 1 , Guardiola and - the mentor the old acquaintance, will for the first time as a coach on the sidelines and. From Nokamp to Britain, Cruyff's two outstanding students to the English lesson?


England Football Super League 8 round focus of the war:

Manchester style= 16px; font-family:; style=" font-family: "> Everton

< / span> 15 21:40, cohesion sports free live, please pay attention!

, special correspondent Wang Yuan


Arial with a window, carry over the gun, handling stolen goods, worked together these, often can become" Friends of iron". In particular, if the "carry gun" when playing a quite large, "the spoils" enough, after the day when the industry heavyweights, since the more unusual relationship. But tonight it 90 - must put their old Corman aside.

1993, Barcelona on the training course of Guardiola and Ronald koeman.


- Coleman, the Valen faction is already old crimes, Feyenoord pulled low in recent years, especially in the Premier League with the saints can live very good blood every year every year, the Dutch have in the circle is regarded as a potential candidate master coach". This summer, he just quit Everton, even Guardiola also to summon wind and call for rain, with admiration.


and tonight, the Dutch attempt to unlock the "dream team" team, he called "may be one of the world's best coach Guardiola.


- Corman recalled was open to pep second-hand car training: "I was driving a Mercedes, but at that moment I was in Barcelona played two years for the main. I love the young players, especially those in football to keep curiosity, but also well behaved child on the pitch, rather than to the first team and played three games on Porsche street. Then I thought of PEP, thought he was a second-hand Opel car."



1992 years to win the Champions League - is that Barcelona team history first held" big ears "members, that had redefined the football" dream team ", alongside.


later about the landmark victory, the final year of starting and playing full forward Stowe isikoff said: "if the reward, so that Aituoer (Beguiristain)" /span>33% 33% Ronald, 33%1% is the enthusiasm of the fans." Look, when the fiery "Thunderbolt", the answer is how diplomatic: Beguiristain (after Barcelona as a technical director, now Manchester City as similar to the "director of football" was not the final position), with Coleman scoring the winning hedeheneng compared? But it was Barcelona activity, Berlusconi was Barcelona officials.


next, the Bulgarian away joke, analyzed after two teammates: ", I always think, if Ronald decided to coach PEP and some day in the future, they will become a leader. Obviously, they are now teaching performance is very prominent ."

Stoichkov (in) to two teammates (as Guardiola left and right Coleman) evaluation is very high.


Arial "when you were a boy player, few people would think 'I'm going to be a coach," but the pape and Ronald will. When they play, they always want to make everything perfect. Naturally, after teaching, they are the same mentality."


pape and Ronald are people with different personalities. Ronald join us -- that moment he probably 26 years on it, it is already a mature player, Holland international and cosmopolitan. he relies on experience and memory, understand and put into the game.


"font-family: Arial" > PEP promoted to the first team, the "dream team" has set sail, he is young. He is a "crazy ball", a week 7 24 hours the kind of football! you tell him something, finally will pull to football! It can be said, I was watching a little pep from Barcelona growth. he is willing to communicate with his teammates, but also like the presence of leadership, accustomed to the presence of the dominant situation. He is also very careful, always observed in all kinds of details, and now he is still the coach.


may, if the pape and Ronald didn't meet, they will not pass on the field of activity, to understand each other. The lack of such advantages, there would be no success after."


until now, Stoichkov's mouth, when it comes to Cruyff, still say "Mr. John", reverent and respectful.


"that support the Barcelona team, everyone has their own characteristics and personality, but we never let these effects play on the field, but their edges in the locker room. Each player has his own ideas and ideas, but in the end it is Mr John's decision to do something for everyone. He's beyond our body, in the soul."


Arial "is Mr. John trained emotional management, our mental state and psychological quality, let us understand the world is more complex, as well as the occupation player how to behave. The player's life is simple, looks very relaxed, from home to the stadium, or from the hotel to the stadium, then a small section of the road. But as a person, life is more complicated, life will appear at any time. Mr. John wants us all to be a mature person. He is the biggest impact on us, both inside and outside the field, do not overlook the details, at any time to accumulate experience. no doubt, under the influence of this concept, many players in the team have embarked on the road of teaching."

Cruyff, more in life.


- Komen is thought to inherit the request. Coleman said, "yes.". Once, I and Cruyff teacher, PEP three of us good relations in the chat room. The teacher said: "you should observe the PEP, Ronald - comin'. Later training together with PEP, I can sense him with some of my qualities."


do not begrudge the comin junior "Appreciation:" although the teacher has gone, he still affects us. Today, he is probably the best football coach. As a matter of fact, I also had to steal him! I was at Feyenoord coach, was sent to observe his van Bronckhorst in Bayern is how to train. "


Coleman said: "I will also learn from other coaches, but I have a similar idea and pape. We all love the situation, leading the ball -- of course, this also depends on the ability and level of their players."


and Guardiola Ronald, - Manchester shows that even the strongest team, there is always a state of fluctuation and exploitable weakness. Komen that start after sanbanfu, familiar with the deepening, some of the core concepts of Guardiola, the Premier League will accept the test. question is, now the opportunity to come, he can seize the weakness of old friends? In this regard, who sell off a child:


always try and PEP love Pojiulixin, even though it might be difficult. At this point, I'm a little different from him. Some (by weak war) of the situation, I prefer to play directly, choose long. But what we do and how they do it, and on Saturday you'll see!"

Guardiola the last 2 games in the Champions League Premier League 1 - 1 Ping, the record fell slightly.


click" read "," watch the Premier League seventh, Tottenham break Manchester unbeaten Jinshen, paillet 1V4 God broke!"

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