The last time the team won the China or Qing Dynasty Guangxu years...


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Aixinjueluo Joy Tian,

Guangxu is a very good idea of the emperor, he practiced "1898", but by the conservative opposition led by Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Intend to rely on Yuan Shikai to contain the Guangxu emperor led by Empress Dowager Ci Xi the forces, but was betrayed Yuan Shikai, was imprisoned in the Zhongnanhai ying'tai empress dowager Ci Xi.

until November 14, 1908, eleventh emperors of the Qing Dynasty Guangxu, suddenly dead in the palace. On the second day, empress dowager Ci Xi died because of aging...

today has been the modern interpretation of interpretation to the extreme "the secret history" but to chat, in the same year, in 1908, on the other side of the United States Li Jian, a sports team's story... "Line-height: 25.6000003814697px;"

1908 in October 14th (a month before the death of Emperor Guangxu), the Chicago cubs in the World Series in 4 to 1 victory over the Detroit tigers, won the tournament of the World Championship (1907 cubs win)! The people of Chicago has two consecutive makes them think that the cubs are League despots, future champion will be more and more... They must not think the next Champions are not to come again but 108 years have passed. Chicago people must not think generations can no longer see the day bear the title...

in these 108 years, there are two orders the cubs fans "accidents" The imprint is engraved on my heart., it was also in the world, the arrangement of God in general. The two thing is the famous " goat curse " and " Steve Bartman event ".

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(Curse of the Billy spell goat Goat) is a curse on the Chicago cubs. Due to the 1945 World Series game fourth, a Greek immigrant Billy Senise Chicago (Billy Sianis), with his pet goat comes into play, the staff was blocked, and Billy puripuri, curse of the Chicago cubs will never in the stadium Wigley king, this phenomenon lasted until now has not yet break the spell.


curse originated from a Greek immigrant Billy Senise (Billy Sianis), he has a pub in the vicinity of the stadium (which is now the famous Billy goat pub). Billy was the World Series in 1945 fourth of the war, he bought the tickets and the goat. But at the end of the game, Billy and the goats in the ordered Wei GREE stadium boss, is driven out of the stadium, and Billy made a poison oath, the cubs will never in their own home court court Wigley king, from the time so far, bear even a world series did not enter.

in the 2003 National League Championship sixth in the war, then decide who will enter the world series, the cubs to the eighth inning still 3:0 lead, Ma Lin Costello left a fish team hit a fly ball, an excited over the cubs fans, stole a foul ball, angry bear left fielder angrily put gloves falling on the ground. If the ball is caught, the cubs may have the opportunity to get rid of the curse, into the world series. A Marlins scored eight points, miracle reversal, the cubs still unable to break the curse of the Billy goat. The trouble in the game of small fans finally surrounded by police to leave the court protection.

and this leads us to the next thing: "line-height: style= span>

Chicago people also believe that if Bartman is not in the National League Championship Series sixth games to the 8 inning when prompted by a sudden impulse hands out, bear may have to qualify for the world series.

the game originally belonged to bear, if in Ludwig Lee off a horse dace fish, they can get rid of 58 years of ram curse, to launch the final sprint to the world series. Competition to enter the 8 board, the cubs also led by 3 to 0. The left fielder Lou to catch a fly ball, help bear to kill the first hit. Hit a double in Euan Peele after the bear's doom began. Castillo swung the ball straight to the left fielder let fly, an also continue to back, "my timing is good, the take-off is perfect, I'm sure I can catch the ball. All of a sudden, there was a man in front of me, caught the ball!" The owner of this pair of hands is Bartman, a loyal bear fans. The referee decided that Castillo should be base on balls, continuous combat horse dace to bear completely dumbfounded, they lost 8 points in this game: Bartman made a mistake myself a lifelong regret!

all fans started to boo Bartman, even sit down beside Bartman the fireman Pat Ronnie later received less than 50 calls, "all my friends complain that I should keep him away!" Bartman into deep remorse, the bear is horse dace eliminated after he made a public apology: "my eyes staring at the ball, I ran to the side has never noticed an. If in the second ball has not become aware of the dead, or see Lu, I will never reach out."

26 year old Bartman is a baseball coach, at the end of the game, he left the stadium in the guard accompanied by, because some angry fans have roared to he tore it into pieces. Afraid of Bartman, he did not dare to go home, he hid in a secret place, waiting for people's forgiveness: "I am so sorry, I let the fans sad. I urge the fans not to my family, my friends and I do not do anything bad, we will continue to support the bear." Chicago mayor Rod Blagyuvich said: "even if some people do stupid things, other people do not have the right to teach him, even if he is caught at the most inopportune moment of baseball." In Florida, government officials said Gilbert Bush even willing to provide shelter for Bartman, a Waterfront Hotel said that if Bartman had fled to Chicago, they are willing to provide accommodation for him for three months.

" kill the fans "

more fans believe that this is still a ram curse of power, even Alou also believe that it is fate," now I feel sympathy for the bad egg, in this case, every fan will stretch out a hand, because they crave this souvenir. At that moment, no one will care about the outcome of the game."

anyway, Steve Bartman has become the cubs 108 years of suffering in the story to tell.

this year have a bear in 108 years the best chance!

as the 2016 MLB season the best team, the Chicago cubs fully deserve. 103 wins and 58 losses, the league's best record! The cubs have large third league scoring ability and first big league pitcher, they rely on young people to build the team farm policy has achieved unprecedented success. After several years of work by the cubs, the emergence of a number of talented players in the past two years, plus some generous experienced management and resourceful manager and the free agent market contract, the lineup of strong rare in recent years. The cubs last World Series win to date back to 1908, get rid of the curse of the hundred years, and now is the best time.

and in October 13th, after the 4 World War and the Giants and cubs head into the National League finals, they will have to face the challenge of the Losangeles dodgers!

the first game (seven games best)"

vs dodge" color: RGB (2, 30, 170); "

click on the links at the bottom of read the text, more wonderful panoramic view of the MLB playoffs! Style= line-height: "25.6000003814697px

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