The first Chinese is selected by NBA player, can dunk from the free throw line, a genius

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Song Tao was born in 1965, height 2 meter 08, the Secretary power forward or center, he is the first player China dunk in the international game, and rumors can be done from the free throw line dunk, endurance ability is strong, often think again a move in the air, and the cap is his signature dunk.

was the amazing genius of Song Tao, only 19 years old, was named to the national team in 1986. Chinese, he followed the men's basketball team at the world championship in spain. In Puerto Rico for entering the key before the 12 game, Song Tao scored 28 points, a total of 7 dunks, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks. You know that the world is facing the Puerto Rico team, Team USA lost only 1 points, the final Chinese's successful promotion, and ranked ninth in the 24 participating teams, created the historical best, when he was over 20.

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is the world championships outstanding performance, NBA was the Atlanta hawks fancy Song Tao, in the 1987 NBA draft (the same period famous players are David Robinson, Pippin, Kenny Smith, Kevin Johnson, Reggie Miller etc.) Song Tao was selected in the first round, sixty-seventh, became the first person to China is selected by NBA, is the first in Asia People. The Hawks have the contract and Jersey sent to the National Sports Commission, Song Tao also signed the contract. However, who also did not expect, the day has an unexpected situation, it was in his NBA contract after less than two months, suffered a serious injury.

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at a time of no great importance of training, and teammate Song Tao Sun Fengwu collided with a heavy fall on the ground, causing the knee comminuted fracture of the patella, then the eagle in order to get such a talented player, generous it will be sent to the United States treatment, recovery quickly. However, genius, worse things happen, one day after returning home in the evening, he fell in the bathroom, just hit the wound, injury recurrence. And this time let his NBA dream completely broken.

after this, although Song Tao became disillusioned with the NBA, but he still believed the end of basketball. Song Tao in 1990 from the national team, then went to the United States to do business, then Taiwan's basketball team team to the Yulong Song Tao sent the invitation. He went back home to wear shirt, began in the Taiwan League, until 2000, he officially announced his retirement.

in the last century in 80s, most of the Chinese still do not know what is NBA, but do not know who is Michael - Jordan, Olajuwon, Larry bird, Magic Johnson and so on, it was Song Tao, he let China newspaper first published details about the NBA, the first time to Chinese introduced NBA and NBA superstar. Because of this incident, many newspaper articles were very comprehensive to the Chinese people to describe the general outline of the NBA, the Chinese people to open the NBA and professional sports league.

regrettable, such a talented player -

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