The old version of the patchboard lost new GB socket mandatory next year


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since new GB socket has been released for more than five years (June 1, 2011 Implementation), more than five years of time, some things still need a update. According to CCTV 13 "weekly quality report" report, the national electrical accessories standardization committee secretary general Cai Jun said, the new national standard sockets will in 2017 April 14th formally implement, will not reproduce the version of the standard products, such as with protective door products. The old version of chaxianban continue production enterprises, will be punished in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

> 15px; "the implementation of the new standard is not only the standard of socket is improved, in order to improve the access threshold of the industry, make electricity more secure.

> 15px; "the CNCA announcement" CNCA on converter and extended line socket products mandatory product certification requirements of the notice ", will be included in the patchboard 3C compulsory certification directory, not mandatory product certification and labeling certification marks mandatory product, not the factory, sales.

> 15px; "new GB plate inserted industry at present, refers to the State Quality Inspection Administration and the National Standards Commission in October 2015 approved the release of the" household and similar purposes - Part 2-5: Particular requirements for converter "35 national standards the standard number, respectively GB 2099.3-2015 and GB 2099.7-2015. In the report mentioned, 40 samples in the detection of the board, if in accordance with the criteria for the implementation of next year to detect, the failure rate reached 100%, which also contributed to the board as soon as possible to make enterprises need to upgrade products, otherwise the year long to live.

> 15px; "it is worth noting that the new national standard of mandatory chaxianban socket must establish protection door, avoid children because the fingers or metal objects inadvertently cause an electric shock accident. At the same time to improve the fire retardant properties of the requirements, added a needle flame test project.

> 15px; "in the wire, this is the implementation of the new GB increased demand, extended line socket 10A rated current, the minimum cross-sectional area of the wire from the original 0.75 square millimeter of up to 1 mm; rated 16A is from 1 mm to 1.5 square millimeter. Increase the load capacity of the socket and reduce the safety accident caused by the overload of the cable.

> 15px; "at the beginning of the current board when it comes to the standard GB2099.3-2008 is released in June 2010, June 2011 to enforce a set of standards, at that time we used to cancel the provisions of the universal socket, jack between safety distance.

> center; margin-bottom: 15px; "has been eliminated by

after a year of the new GB socket standard was officially released, it also shows that, with the increase of people's living standard, large household appliances, small household appliances, consumer digital products such as appliances popularization, people for the electric safety put forward higher requirements, and the promulgation of the new national standard times can be said to provide a good protection to ensure safe use of electricity of the people.

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