Lei Jun internal letter exposure: Indian pursuit of millet mobile phone

Lei Jun millet phone Indian electricity suppliers

Techweb· 2016-10-20 04:17:41

from the beginning of the last two years, more and more attention to the overseas market in India, especially in the market, but also achieved good results.

CEO Lei Jun millet released an open letter today, said millet has just created a remarkable record in India letter.

Lei Jun is in accordance with the in October, just in the past 18 days, millet in India's mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million , Lei Jun said this is a "brilliant performance".

" in addition, Lei Jun also letter published a series of achievements made in India: millet millet

- August 2015, join the modi premier "made in India" plan the first China intelligent mobile phone manufacturers.

- July 2016 and August, IDC report shows that millet for two consecutive months are the first major smart phone brand in India.

- September 2016, IDC report shows that in the top thirty cities in India, millet jumped to the top third smart phone manufacturers in India, accounting for 8.4% of the market share.

- September 2016, red rice Note 3 sold 6 units in 2 million 300 thousand months, becoming the most popular online market models in India.

Lei Jun said, millet core model is made to make the best products, users and friends, efficient operation. this model has been verified in China, the future will be widely accepted in the global scope of . Today, India is only the beginning.

he believes that under the continuous efforts of large families of millet, millet India business in the next three to five years will be the first to do the India market share.

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