A large wave of adult websites have been landing VR PS

PS adult or web site

ITzhijia· 2016-10-20 04:17:47

foreign media reports, with the sale of PSVR, Virtualrealporn, VRporn and other pornographic websites have been on the line specifically for PSVR adult content.

" if you VR have a little longer some, probably not on this Virtualrealporn a simple direct strange letter. And in the PSVR global delivery, striking head figure Virtualrealporn on the web page with a special "PSVR is here", two items were added to Playstation VR, the video directory is added "Videos for PS4 VR screening options". Point into the VR Playstation, you will find the "see you on PSVR We'll!" the headline, there are many films to choose from.

Virtualrealporn" became in 2014, as the founder of the newly married couple will honeymoon they originally used to invest 4000 euros in the porn project business, which made up of static back experience, 180 adult video and Lovense cooperation of adult VR brought real flesh peripherals to enjoy sex and remote, let the site reputation.

Virtualrealporn PS VR graphic tutorial movie three: put the film copy into the U disk, U disk inserted in the PS machine, the player opens, and put the elephant into the refrigerator simple

coincidentally, confused at first glance the name easy and Virtualrealporn VRporn, not only in the striking position on the head was PSVR there is a special pattern, "How to Watch VR Porn tutorial videos on Playstation VR" (see "how small film" in PS VR). In fact, is to copy VR video downloaded to the U disk and PS4 video player. Although the current PS4 browser does not support VR Web, but SONY also added a 360 degree video player for PS4 (but there are restrictions, support 360 degree panoramic video but does not support 3D). However, this site is also close to screen out the PSVR available adult film, and in the course of the link is given.

" - although SONY refused, but VRporn did not follow SONY to the other, but the release of the tutorial and small movie resources compared to

in our industry Virtualrealporn, VRporn and SONY before they have been mixed, before SONY repeatedly made it clear to say no to pornography, the founder of VRporn Daniel Peterson declared that SONY simply could not withstand the surge of the tide and pornography, facing the difficulties and try to contact with SONY, the result is still SONY rebuffed. But some porn sites and said "PSVR porn die" - Curse of the attitude is different, Daniel Peterson still appreciate the SONY stick, but also believe that SONY will eventually relent. SONY

to adult content to say no, not Zimingqinggao but do personal independence of conduct, the electronic gaming platform itself targeted for all people rather than the 18 years old and above -- although violent game 18 ban, but there is no porn, because of sex involves more complex social public opinion aspects, electronic games the first time in the history of the game the tide end landmark event "Atari collapse" is one of the important reasons is that a large number of pornographic content from parents and social organizations appear anger. As the successor of the SONY of course to be careful involved in sex of the minefield.

"PSVR game in the mystery of the mosaic

while SONY in pornography has Shoushenruyu, even in the PSVR game" space beyond play "the mystery of the mosaic but SONY can do is just not a porn game, not to launch special pornography applications, but the host itself after all with multimedia function, and the third party video content as long as it is supported by the player format, the content is difficult to achieve effective monitoring. And porn sites, seems to be in action with the likes of SONY: there will be no

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