Charm Blue and then sent the invitation, in October 31st issued a new product

Tmall invitation letter new product oppo

fenghuangkeji· 2016-10-20 04:18:07

millet millet just issued 5S half a month began to announce the news of millet Note 2, and announced the price of red rice phone 400 yuan. This time certainly will not be less Meizu thing, so their invitation to the. Phoenix Technology News

11 mobile phone manufacturers have many double before the big move, because they like to double 11 is the largest market in a year, make adequate preparations before the market opened, in order to gain the maximum return. Last night was the old comic, OPPO the conference began, millet millet 5S just half a month began announced millet Note 2 news, and announced that red rice mobile phone price 400 yuan. This time certainly will not be less Meizu thing, so their invitation to the.

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according to the Meizu invitations to the contents of the letter, Meizu will release a new mobile phone Charm Blue in Beijing in October 31st, the "Charm Blue Night", released Meizu will and Tmall cooperation and new products to the concert form. The invitation of the star may still be before Xu Wei, Pu Shu, and so loved by everyone.

prior to the online exposure of two, the new blue charm, in the national 3C certification page, Meizu M611A and M611Y two models through the verification, from the type name, the two models for the brothers models, there may be a Charm Blue 4 and Charm Blue 4 a homologous model, the specific model is not to know. In the configuration, the two phones and the charm of the blue Note 3 little difference, Helio P10 MTK, support the whole network. Continue to use a 5 inch 720P screen, 13 million pixels +500 megapixel camera combination. But one of them will remove the fingerprint identification, the two products may be the body material will be different, may be the metal body and polycarbonate plastic body.

sure, Meizu choose to open a new conference at this time, and reached a partnership with Tmall, in addition to investment and the parent company of Tmall Ali, targeting is certainly the upcoming double 11 and double 12, which we see, Phoenix Science and technology will be full coverage of the conference.

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