800 thousand roof built to build photovoltaic power station villagers: selling electricity than the rent to fly

Photovoltaic system power station spectrum Song Xiaodong photovoltaic power station

huashangbao· 2016-04-25 15:12:15

< p align = "center" >花80万楼顶建光伏发电站 村民:卖电比收房租靠谱

< p > Chinese daily news in the city in the village of 3 storey houses, only rental housing has nearly 40, the rent by can also live a worry free, song Xiaodong has spent nearly 80 million yuan in their own roof built a power station, he figured a by the proceeds from the sale of electricity than the rent also fly.

self built power plants into the power grid to sell electricity

, this is the year I did the most reliable thing to do." Song Xiaodong said that recently spent nearly 800 thousand yuan in their own roof built photovoltaic power generation system. < p > Song Xiaodong is Deng Ge Village Yanta District, yard 3 storey house for lease only nearly 40, "our village from the city a bit far, houses are not too good rental, every month is close 4000 dollars rent." Song Xiaodong said. < p < p > at the end of last year, village don't muneshige old man in their own roof erected a solar photovoltaic power generation system, "says simply is the use of their own space, the power grid system, equivalent to sell electricity." Bie Zongmao said. Bie Zongmao home power station after a period of time, Song Xiaodong think this thing is very tricky, he found the original to do not have a home construction of a energy company responsible Liu Dong, began planning to design their own.

Song Xiaodong built on the roof of the self power station after the test by the electricity sector, to have been running for half a month yesterday. The roof of his house, very open, frame the two rows of solar photovoltaic panels, can achieve a 64 kW capacity, photovoltaic components, two inverter, DC cable, steel frame, connectors, spray cleaning system and housing reconstruction and other, all built, spent a total of nearly 80 million yuan, "power system is 60 million yuan, at least we can use 20 years." < p > to song Xiaodong home check operation of Beijing 100022) said that individual self solar photovoltaic system, we must first submit an application, the electricity sector after accepting will put forward on the spot guidance, after the completion of the after test can be connected to the grid, "start requires consider occupied more than the excess power and sell out or to sell all, which also determines the can enjoy the national policy preferences. Liu Dong said, do not Zong Mao and Song Xiaodong are the same, all power generation and grid, their power to re purchase, solar photovoltaic power generation cost per kilowatt of electricity at around 0.6 yuan, while the power of their own to buy electricity 0.5 yuan per kilowatt hour." Because their own electricity can not consume all power generation, so it is also required to buy the battery storage, and the battery life is relatively short, so the running cost is higher. < p > < strong > one-time investment of six or seven years to return to Liu Dong the

< br / > the, self solar photovoltaic system not only can enjoy subsidies from the provinces, municipalities and net sold the price of State Grid also at around 1 yuan per degree, "like generating 4000 of his home half a month, a month down at least 8000 degrees, so that we can get the 8000 dollars, a year down the conservative estimate of about 10 million yuan, coupled with 64 kW capacity, provincial and municipal subsidies can get 12 million yuan of above, so calculate down, his one-time investment of just six or seven years can recover the cost." Song Xiaodong also echoed said, "this is down, certainly more than the rent reliable." < p > yesterday, in don't Zong Mao, he will be a solar photovoltaic panels of electricity directly received a floor of their own, through small inverter conversion for two CP time lighting, "lighting is I to the electric vehicle charging, just the battery can also be saved." Liu Dong said, if you need to store the power can be used for daily life, only need to buy a transformer connected to the electric car can be. (Li Xiaobo

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