Catherine Hung's best way to deal with his predecessor is to be happy!

Catherine Hung his predecessor her boyfriend is

dianyingnadianshier· 2016-10-22 13:13:02

Two days before

, Xiao Bian on the Internet to see Siu Chung Mok "hand" Catherine Hung,

and some Speechless

a eighteen year old line actor

to blame a woman who has been acting out, or for their own

and had a son of former girlfriend, really is drunk

the passage of time, sixteen years after this thing out,

Hong Kong, in addition to outside speculation, people simply can not think of any other

" a lot of women The child may have been like Catherine Hung met himself for his

slag men, regardless of personal danger, the return is the other side of the shoe

abandoned as young and naive, just chasing before men run,

became pregnant and gave birth to a baby, the other are not willing to admit even when

discover how stupid

" fortunately, her silly enough but also lucky enough,

had hurt her, love her,

would take care of her children and a lifetime of Zhang Danfeng

although he had no money,

but for the lack of a sense of security for Catherine Hung, love enough to cover all

" now they have two sons and daughters,

and family happiness ten years ago, the so-called "boyfriend", was infected with

the drug scandal, and from the age of marriage and his wife

even with your dirty water, not because of fear, but

didn't want to disturb their lives

perhaps the most powerful revenge is to treat the former OK,

your rainy skies, I still

" since Zhang Danfeng starred in the "Oriental" inside the flower and bone in twee Qing,

embarked on a broad road and prosperous

affectionate but tragic different decaying gezhu. The moment

in order to save Bao Ying and die,

really do not know how many people cry "

" but the movie Red he still is that a little childish appearance because

bought a Transformers and "forgetting Type "

in the variety show in the dance of the"

if the crew can play on Invincible Eastern, beauty for a whole day.

"but in his wife's presence

, will turn into the warm heart of the husband

accompanied the family to travel together and watch the sea, spend a leisurely holiday "

" of course, Catherine Hung's "charioteer operation" is also very much oh

, although once her figure can be seen in the TV series,

is your husband goddess

but now focus on her family,

put all thoughts are on the loved ones who do "

" when he was filming, she was in the micro-blog

if she needs help propaganda station,

Accompany him to attend the ceremony, help him encouraging

commercials little intimacy, small eyes,

almost drove you don't want to eat dog food!

occasionally her husband playing a little romantic, she also took the whole

two people to go on a walk, although not so perfect,

but as long as you are around, is the most romantic thing!

to tell the truth, such a good wife, self-controlled orderly relaxation,

no wonder "stay peak" for so many years still love you so "

" to treat the child's education is just perfect,

is always the first step to let them know how to Thanksgiving, learn to filial son

so now not only looks good, even the mother is


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" daughter although some weird, but

laughed still lovable out of

if she obediently lying in his arms, never tamper with it "class=

" now Catherine Hung, a handsome husband pet, well behaved children with

family of her face always wears a happy smile, although

is 45 years old, but it is still a year the goddess!

so, why care about the accusations of the former?

as long as you take the day off to a sunny day, it is the best revenge for his

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Catherine Hung's best way to deal with his predecessor is to be happy!