Most of primary and secondary school students addicted to mobile games without telling their parents to recharge

Primary and secondary school students mobile games parents hand travel

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metropolis express a class, 75 students, 45 boys had spent money Mobile Games. Some students, but also quietly with the parents of the phone, to buy the game equipment. Experts suggest that parents in the use of convenient network payment at the same time, should strengthen control and protection, so as to avoid the child into a game of consumer trap, and called on relevant departments to strengthen supervision.

parents of

children without parents using a mobile phone to charge

Jia's daughter Xiao Min (a pseudonym) 11 years old this year. In recent times, every day after school to go home, Xiao Min finished his homework on a mobile phone to play. Ms. Jia did not care, it is by the daughter of the. 18 PM, Ms. Jia and neighbors chat, neighbors said his daughter to buy a game props charges, it is a headache. This caused the attention of Ms. Jia, she found herself on the phone more than a paragraph called happy Xiao Yue, the hand travel, has played more than and 800 off.

lady Jia tried to play, found that the use of calls can be purchased directly in the game of windmill coins (a game currency), 6 yuan to buy 60, with the windmill to buy props and the number of games. Under repeated questioning, Xiao Min said, many students are playing on the class, after school often play each other than how many off. In order to fight for the first, she and many students, without telling parents to buy a windmill with a mobile phone bill. Mr.

also has a similar experience. 16, Mr. Zhang at home to rest, his son took his cell phone to play. The evening, Mr. Zhang through mobile phone, WeChat has found a transfer record, 800 yuan was transferred to the account of his son. Mr. Zhang hurried view son and asked that mobile phone, Zitta hooked on a "super" of the national Mobile Games. Xiao Yu also quietly wrote down the WeChat pay password, the transfer of the money used to buy games and equipment.

after the event, the two parents are calling the game platform customer service phone, but were told that the platform can not identify whether the purchase of minors, and the purchase behavior is valid, can not be refunded. Yesterday morning, the game platform customer service staff to reporters made the same explanation.

reporter survey most of the students in a class on

" even the day, the reporter interviewed the city junior high school and primary school students, the results of the survey is worrying.

city a middle school class a total of 75 students, of which 45 boys, almost all spend money to play the hand travel, less than 10 yuan, more than one hundred. During the interview, many parents said the children will play the hand travel. "When my daughter was in kindergarten, they would play snake. People Ms. Jiang said, when cooking to avoid crying daughter, she will give her to play the phone, the results of the daughter became a cell phone control, vision also declined.

yesterday, reporters in the mobile phone to download the "super people" and "happy diminshing music", found that these games recharge low threshold. Reporter first demo "happy diminshing music", click on the upper right corner of the windmill coin icon, the screen page pop-up WeChat payment, calls and other methods of payment, click the recharge amount and confirmation, without a password recharge; click the back button to appear "if not paid, will not be able to get more application experience to confirm,".

"the super" game, click on the button press 1 yuan recharge, payment page display WeChat payment, caifutong payment and mobile phone recharge mode. Reporters click on WeChat to pay, WeChat will reach the payment page, enter the payment password to recharge. Mobile phone prepaid recharge is more simple, click "send text messages" to recharge after entering the page.

experts suggest that parents should pay more attention to supervision departments should be "img_box"

" during the interview, parents are very worried. Internet cafes banned minors, but the online business platform is not intuitive to distinguish, not a relatively perfect audit system, once the transaction occurred, it is difficult to prove whether the child is completed by the independent, a refund is a problem.

Hubei Zhengda law firm Luo Hongwei lawyers, according to the Ministry of Culture issued the "Interim Measures for the management of network game" Twentieth paragraph, online game virtual currency trading service enterprises shall provide transaction services to minors, in violation of the provisions, the cultural administrative department at or above the county level or the cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies to make corrections, and impose a fine of 30000 yuan. But how to prove whether it is difficult for minors to complete the transaction alone, which is the key to the success of many minors guardian of the success of the difficult. Luo Hongwei said, if it can be proved that the operators of the game on the game player identity lax review, let minors reported, it shall bear the corresponding responsibility. Wuhan University sociologist

Shang Zhongsheng said, WeChat and other Internet payment to the public is a fast and convenient, but the children frequently get into the game "consumer trap" incident should cause parents attention. Parents should limit their contact with electronics, don't neglect the protection and control, protecting the child's eyes is the one which is more important to prevent the child's age has become a mobile phone control, game console, or indulge in games and neglect their studies. In addition, the relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of this area, the introduction of effective and feasible methods to improve the audit system. Author: Yang

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