Lei Jun: millet has become the third largest smartphone vendor in India

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tengxunkeji· 2016-10-22 13:34:58

雷军:小米已成为印度第三大智能手机厂商 将进一步加大投入

Tencent Francisco October 19th morning, chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet issued a public message on the inside, revealed the latest progress of millet mobile phone in the India market sales volume and market share etc..

Lei Jun said in the message, since October, in the past 18 days, millet mobile phone sales in India exceeded 1 million units, while red rice Note in 6 months after the sales of 2 million 300 thousand units, achieved good results. At the same time, according to the IDC report, millet in July 2016 and August for two consecutive months, India has become the first big business intelligent mobile phone brands; September accounted for 8.4% of the market share in the top thirty in India City, India has become the third largest manufacturer of intelligent mobile phone.

Lei internal mail full text open letter:

millet millet family of brothers and sisters:

yesterday, we created an amazing record in India: October just over 18 days this month, mobile phone sales have exceeded 1 million units on behalf of millet! The management and all the staff, warmly congratulate the millet India team to create a brilliant performance! Thanks to Hugo

and Manu's outstanding leadership, and all my colleagues in India millet team outstanding contribution, thank each China business team for their support, I am deeply proud of everyone. At the same time, I would like to thank every partner in India, especially Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.

I would especially like to thank the India Rice noodles, is everyone's love and support, which makes the millet in India has created a miracle!

we attach great importance to the India market, India is the largest market outside the US in addition to Chinese. In the past two years, we have made a series of encouraging achievements in India:

- August 2015, we join the premier Modi "made in India" plan the first China intelligent mobile phone manufacturers.

- July 2016 and August, IDC report shows that millet for two consecutive months are the first major smart phone brand in India.

- September 2016, IDC report shows that in the top thirty cities in India, millet jumped to the top third smart phone manufacturers in India, accounting for 8.4% of the market share.

- September 2016, red rice Note 3 sold 6 units in 2 million 300 thousand months, becoming the most popular online market models in India.

India is the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers a hotly contested spot, competition is extremely fierce. Our achievements in India, first of all, thanks to our R & D of high quality and cost-effective products, followed by our team has a good team in India. We will further increase the investment in India, continue to India Rice noodles service! We are in India will further enhance the product supply capacity, further improve product quality and service quality! The core

millet mode

is made to make the best products, users and friends, efficient operation. This model has been verified in China, the future will be widely accepted in the world. Today, India is only the beginning.

I believe in Millet family continued efforts, our business in India in the next three to five years will be the India market share of millet in India, first! Let us continue to make history!

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"Lei Jun October 19, 2016 science and technology Tencent opened or agency account the! Do you dare to flop, I'm a , you in the know.

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雷军:小米已成为印度第三大智能手机厂商 将进一步加大投入


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