Two Americans were killed in Afghanistan

NATO the Afghan capital Kabul civilians attacks

· 2016-10-22 13:37:25

" on 19 October, Xinhua news agency, Kabul (reporter Lu Shuqun HO) 19 of NATO forces in Afghanistan issued a statement confirmed that a U.S. soldier and an American civilian day in the vicinity of NATO in Afghanistan's capital Kabul at a military base attacked and killed.

statement said the attack also caused another U.S. military and two American civilians were injured.

, according to local media reports, the attackers dressed in Afghan security forces uniforms, gunmen attacked the americans. The attacker was then killed, but the identity has not been determined. At present, the police are investigating the matter.

in May this year, the two NATO soldiers were killed in southern afghanistan.

, the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan by the end of 2014 at the end of combat operations in Afghanistan, retains about 13 thousand military personnel, is responsible for the Afghan national security forces to provide guidance, training and consulting support.

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