From Qingdao to see how China manufacturing manufacturing crossed the "Ba Da Guan"?

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Qingdao Xinhua news agency Xinhua: October 21 from Qingdao to see how Chinese manufacturing manufacturing crossed the "Ba Da Guan"?

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Jiaxin, Liu Baosen, Xu Bing, Xi min

red trees, blue sky, Qingdao scenic Ba Da Guan most can reflect the characteristics of. Shaoguan Road, Jiayuguan Road, Zhengyangguan road...... The eight aspect is named after the famous pass the road, so the name "Ba Da Guan".

climbing over the ridge can pass through successfully, "There is a way out". Perspective of Qingdao manufacturing exploration, can give the transformation and upgrading, from the large and strong Chinese manufacturing to bring some inspiration.

based: many of the "key link" still need to open up the

Guosheng base, is in manufacturing; manufacturing Hing, is a strong base.

"manufacturing process, basic components, basic materials and industrial technology base, the" four base "ability is weak, which has become China's crux to improve manufacturing quality and innovation in the development of." Yao Junru, director of the planning department of the Ministry of industry, said.

weak foundation has been the pain point of China's industrial development. Although the degree of industrial robot applications has been very high, but the key components of precision gear, controller, servo system, most still rely on imports, accounted for more than 70% of the overall cost, resulting in Chinese enterprises difficult to win in the international competition.

visited the Qingdao enterprises, the reporter also found that some of the major manufacturing enterprises in the forefront of innovation, but some key parts also need to import.

although China has mastered the complete set of high-speed rail production technology, but some important bearings and special aluminum alloy and steel, because there is no special material, the annual need to import. The relevant technology in Qingdao Sifang locomotive Limited by Share Ltd responsible person said, we are still short board, can not relax, not complacent. The basic technology research of

is the basic of "four bases". "13th Five-Year" plan clearly put forward to strengthen basic research, and in fact China's basic research accounted for the proportion of research and development in the past 20 years, has been hovering around 5%, and the OECD countries 5% to 20% of the standard still has a large gap.

is worthy of attention, the reporter found that many manufacturers have been aware of this problem in Qingdao, the initiative to increase research and development and independent innovation, and constantly narrowing the gap.

is committed to the rubber industry in Qingdao mesnac Co. Ltd., in order to strengthen the basic research, the establishment of a high level of laboratory China rubber tire industry based research institutions and the only world-class rubber industry, currently has more than 100 patents in the market. "

2025" China manufacturing planning has been one of the focus on the implementation of the project as a strong industrial base. Associate professor Jiang Ming, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, suggested that the industry needs and technological change for traction, the new technical elements in a timely manner into the four base development.

: excellent technology innovation is the enterprise competition of "King"

from the traditional home appliance manufacturers to high-precision medical equipment, and then to the city intelligent traffic, Hisense group has been practicing the concept of technology enterprises.

"technological innovation can not keep up, there is no living space." Hisense group vice president Tang said, "all of the industry is from the beginning of technology, do not master the technology will not be able to do!"

despite the accelerated innovation has become the consensus of China's manufacturing enterprises, but the original less, the core technology is still lagging behind China's manufacturing industry.

"2015 Chinese Industrial Development Report" in the relevant foreign exchange data show that by 2013, China's overseas payment of royalties and license fees of $21 billion, received only $900 million from overseas, gap.

only to master the core technology, in order to develop the high ground.

in recent years, Hisense adhere to innovation, to create industry standards. "Hisense has applied for the domestic display field of more than 170 patents in LED backlight and ULED, won 15 patents, authorized in Europe and the United States patent, developed under the auspices of the relevant international standards." Hisense group deputy minister Zhu Shuqin told reporters.

is committed to marine biological industry moon seaweed group, has been made in alginate dressing production, to break the foreign monopoly in technology and price. Chairman Zhang Guofang has deep feelings: "innovation is likely to die, but not innovation is a dead end!"

, some experts suggested that in innovation, government departments should pay more attention to guide the innovative elements flow and aggregation, build a platform for exchanges and cooperation to strengthen innovation, promote the core technology breakthrough "ecosystem" formation.

at present, Qingdao has set in the Department, Department of a university, the central enterprises and the Department of the International Department of the "four line" gathering of high-end innovative elements, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known universities, enterprises and scientific research institutions and international institutions to introduce high-end R & D innovation resources.

talent off: no first-class talent is not the first class manufacturing


in Qingdao, both Hao Jianxiu and Xu Zhenchao like artisan workers, has a number of outstanding entrepreneurs represented by Zhang Ruimin, only the achievements made in Qingdao brand.

advanced manufacturing innovation and development, both the need for high-end R & D personnel, but also skilled craftsmen talent, but also the need for entrepreneurial team.

"first-class manufacturing industry to rely on first-class talent." Yao Jun said that the level of industrialization to improve the quality of workers and the spirit of innovation put forward higher requirements, but at present the human resources of industrial workers in China can not meet the requirements of the development of new industries, and become a short board.

to increase personnel training, Qingdao City, through the 211 plan to increase the introduction of talent. "2" is the introduction of the 2000 high-end talent, basically is the academician, professor level; a "1" is the introduction of the 10 thousand key talent shortage, is basically a doctoral level; a "1" is the introduction of the 1 million support personnel, the basic is the bachelor. "13th Five-Year" period, the total will reach 1 million 650 thousand people in Qingdao.

after the introduction of the focus in education. "The height of a city is not high in skyscrapers, largely because of the university level." Shandong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Qingdao Li Qun said that the future of Qingdao to have a world-class schools and disciplines.

"no good entrepreneur, there is no good enterprise." Xiang Yangqing, director of the Commission by letter of Qingdao believes that the current Qingdao should further strengthen the training of entrepreneurs, we have to strive to do, there are numerous in Qingdao Zhang Ruimin appeared."

quality off: manufacturing industry by the large and strong a lifeline

made in China, the quality is the foundation. "A solid foundation, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed".

has been, quality problems are the bottleneck of the development of manufacturing industry. According to the statistics in recent years, China's manufacturing industry every year due to the quality of the direct loss of hundreds of billions of dollars.

"quality is the lifeline of the development of manufacturing industry, is to support the economic transformation and upgrading of the cornerstone." Study on the planning of CCID deputy director Cheng Nan said, Chinese to implement manufacturing strategy, must have a quality.

in quality, Qingdao "five golden flowers" business reputation. "Drop out" Haier, "forced out" Hisense, "burn out" stars, "stop it" tsingtao...... Quality awareness has been deeply engraved into the hearts of the manufacturing people in Qingdao.

has a century old Tsingtao Brewery factory, the "quality is the life of the enterprise" principle has been integrated into the blood of all employees. In order to ensure the quality of the products, Tsingtao designed 1800 multi-channel quality testing including water, microorganism, brewing technology and other aspects, to achieve a series of detection without blind spots.

economy under the new normal, China's manufacturing industry is also to achieve low-cost competitive advantage from the price of resources and human resources, to rely on the quality of the upgrading and optimization of competitive advantage.

with the technical progress, automation and intelligence has become one of the means to improve product quality and production efficiency. Double star group in June this year, the new investment in the use of intelligent production lines, the output rate of a single device to enhance 50%, the rate of defective products decreased by more than 80%, the pass rate of 99.8%.

to improve the quality, standard first. Located in the vision of the world, the international standard and local advantage "in Qingdao, and actively promote the construction of" standard + ", at present by the Qingdao city to undertake, hosted by national and international standards of 25, ranking first in the same city.

"in the future to be more emphasis on the promotion of new technology revolution to improve the quality of the role, with 4 of the industry's information technology, intelligent new technology, new methods to better solve the quality problems." Zhou Ji said China Academy of engineering.

: intelligent manufacturing reborn to cross a hurdle

manufacturing industry in the Internet era to meet the impact of what kind of attitude?

"without touching the dead!" Zhang Ruimin, chairman and CEO of Haier group board of directors and chief executive officer.

"Internet + advanced manufacturing + modern industry" will be the new engine of China's economic development, and promote the upgrading of the industrial model of manufacturing enterprises. "The ability to break through intelligence, not only the relationship between enterprises can tap new momentum, it is a life and death of the traditional manufacturing industry to be crossed." Director Luo Qingqi Paller consulting firm said.

he believes that the integration of the two based on two models: first, the product intelligent manufacturing, the two is the business model reengineering.

will be integrated into the Internet thinking of industrial production, cultivation of new mode of production and industry, and even subversive organization and management, in Qingdao, a number of companies have been quietly launched.

once the traditional clothing enterprises in the red group, fusion industry and the Internet, has now turned into a "magic factory", from the initial design suits custom personality to the final distribution to seven days compression garments. At present, red collar is to industrial manufacturing solutions provider transformation.

Haier is using the Internet thinking, the business model of the entire enterprise and management architecture to reshape. Now Haier, no level, only the main platform, small and micro, a guest three kinds of people, is regarded as the change of corporate governance structure of Internet companies.

from workers to the robot, from the island to the production of intelligent interconnection, from mass production to mass customization...... Qingdao manufacturing is gradually forming a more complete intelligent production system. The

Transformation: not experienced rain rainbow

at present, Chinese economy has entered a new norm, is in a critical period of transformation of the mode of development and new energy transfer, the supply side need to accelerate structural reforms, promote the transformation and development.

"China's manufacturing industry structure is irrational, the traditional industry overcapacity and emerging industry supply capacity is insufficient." Wang Yiming, deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, said, to promote the optimization and upgrading of China's economic structure, focus, difficulty and way out in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector.

used to be a traditional old industrial city, the industrial layout of Qingdao now has a new look. This is mainly due to a few years ago, Qingdao city to promote the relocation of the old city, accelerated the pattern of industrial restructuring.

is one of the relocation area north of Qingdao. Up to now, the industrial enterprises above designated size decreased from 109 in 2012 to 72 in the present. With this move, the city industrial development of re positioning, to develop e-commerce, logistics, commerce, hotels and other modern service industry.

through to promote new, old, burden, Qingdao city on the more than and 100 high energy consuming, high polluting enterprises to move, close, turn, and promote the development of new energy saving and environmental protection industry, marine biological medicine, such as 3D printing.

"for Qingdao, the supply side of structural reform is the inevitable trend. We are confident that the benefit of the supply side system of Qingdao's manufacturing sector is higher and better quality." Li Qun said.

: the environment will be by way of

in Tsingtao Brewery to go green development, collect the condensed steam water in beer production process, the production of waste heat cooling wort by condensed water with water; recycling fermentation process for liquefied carbon dioxide, storage, filling and filtering for beer production......

this greatly reduces the energy consumption in the beer production process, to achieve the production of green low carbon.

under the dual pressures of resources and the environment, how to break through the environmental protection, become more and more manufacturers to consider. Data show that China's resource utilization efficiency is low, the unit GDP energy consumption is about 2 times the world average.

, Minister of the Ministry of Miao Wei said that to adhere to green development as an important focal point of building manufacturing powerhouse, development road of ecological civilization, to achieve extensive manufacturing, pollutant emissions from the consumption of resources, green manufacturing to a resource-saving and environment-friendly transformation. An important aspect of green manufacturing

, is to strengthen the development and promotion of advanced technology and equipment, energy saving and environmental protection technology; actively promote low-carbon, recycling and intensive manufacturing industry, improve resource utilization efficiency.

Qingdao mesnac by Qingdao Dongjiakou port advantage, launched the Dongjiakou green circular economy integration project, to create the world's new material production base of rubber. New materials of high performance rubber developed in this project, compared with the traditional tire rolling resistance is reduced by 26.5%, saving 0.56 liters per 100 kilometers.

"green manufacturing to strengthen product life cycle green management, and strive to build efficient, clean, low-carbon, recycling of green manufacturing system." Zhou said.

activity: let the small and medium-sized enterprises has constantly burst

dedicated loyalty, isstead...... Qingdao growing up a number of outstanding manufacturing large enterprises, leading the development of Qingdao manufacturing. However, not long grass under a tree, Qingdao in the past period of time still exist in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of vitality, the degree of marketization and other issues remain to be improved. The development of

manufacturing industry, both leading enterprises to lead, also cannot do without the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises, only "to" spring garden, All flowers bloom together. "".

to small and medium-sized enterprises as the representative of the private economy has created more than 60% of the country's GDP, more than 80% of employment, in promoting the process of urbanization has played a decisive role.

according to the Qingdao science and Technology Secretary Jiang Bo introduced, in order to promote the development of Small and micro businesses, in recent years, Qingdao by incubation services, resulting in a number of Small and micro businesses, and vigorously implement the "thousand plan" to support 2000, driven by the 1 vanguard technology enterprises, to develop a series of policies, from irrigation to drip irrigation. Precise focusing service.

, of course, the vitality of the market not only from the policy support, the government needs to increase decentralization efforts, the initiative to do service.

in decentralization, Qingdao has been actively exploring. Qingdao City, the relevant responsible person said, Qingdao will be in accordance with national requirements continue to force in improving efficiency, decentralization, reducing the burden for enterprises. (Yu Jiaxin, Liu Baosen, Xu Bing, Xi Min)

Zhongche Quartet EMU workshop (September 5th).


in Qingdao Hisense group laboratory, a group of Hisense color TV products are being carried out in the high temperature and humidity environment testing (September 2nd photo).


Qingdao moon seaweed group staff at the company's current development and utilization of seaweed resources (September 7th photo).



Tsingtao Brewery staff in the inspection of product quality (September 3rd photo).



"pictext" align= "center" "" Qingdao Haier group's home appliance production line (September 1st photo).

Qingdao red group clothing production workshop (September 5th).

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