Too much of the show is going to be as awkward as Li Xiang Sun Xiaoxiao.

Sun Xiaoxiao Li Xiang consequence Yuan Hong

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the original WeChat public "Fauvism entertainment", micro signal: yeshoupaiyule

0422 Sun Xiaoxiao birthday, she and Li Xiang to the world what love is a perfect demonstration of the ship that sank to sink … … take off from gossip, broke the news to the parties to respond to the double side, like sitting channeling day monkey Cengceng rub is complete, users simply face Meng class= forced

review today this century wreck … …

mango Mama drying out friends circle of friends class= screenshots of

Li Xiang micro-blog responded, just AIT Li Fei'Er, said hurt her "img_box"

listening to this meaning is Li3 xiang3 led to break up but brought trouble Li Feier lying gun ah

and so on and not be the first comfort your genuine girlfriend?? If this news is really birthday, · good idea?

and, in the world are still ignorant force, doubt, refused to believe, Li3 xiang3 and sun Xiaoxiao from each other off the (reality is sun Xiaoxiao unilaterally take off Li3 xiang3) & hellip; & hellip;

sun Xiaoxiao and Li this is to join the "no longer believe in love" series of rhythm? Don't you forget these years like eating the same step Hyun did not stop the show of affection? Have a big wave of users to &hellip you have so many gold dog food; &hellip

, Sun Xiaoxiao and Li Xiang have gone through 7 year itch ah & hellip; … 2014 on the "Nanzuonvyou" program Li Xiang said, two people have been together for 6 years, so it should be about 08 years in

until May 2012, Li Xiang made a micro-blog suspected affair surfaced, but does not show that Sun Xiaoxiao

2012 Christmas officially announced and the fairy love together forever promise too sweet, friends Speculation about whether the two has been quietly pulled … …

openly show affection did not stop ah, micro-blog is obviously the hardest hit

in 2015, a period of particularly intense show "img_box

body advertising, show loving publicity

, birthday sun Xiaoxiao has a surprise, is simply not so sweet & hellip; & hellip;

this is rhythm was going to have a baby?

2013 also made this year for micro-blog

micro-blog show up with variety show, 2014 in the "Nanzuonvyou" program of Sun Xiaoxiao 'max

two host love for single dog is ten thousand damage ah there is no

so that Brilliant and warm to burst boyfriend, please give me a call!

" probably because two people are really too sweet, every variety shows are required in a marriage, "fight for you" the scene and staged a romantic

first appearance is

Zhang Jin Ada Choi couple walked out, and they are playing with the princess hold "img_box"

and Li Xiang will Sun Xiaoxiao down, hands tightly pull together. Do not want to be too sweet.

two close games, Li Xiang a have not played, but white lost the scores. When the teacher asked him what do you think is Sun Xiaoxiao's strategy when there is a problem, Li Xiang said &darr

see Sun Xiaoxiao face Chongni. < /p>

and viva declaration, an uppercase bold underlined domineering

when Li Xiang third at the beginning of the game play is not good, very depressed, Xiaoxiao Li The horse went to wipe class= comfort

as full force in the fight to win this hurdle, frozen chicken couple kissed

and a rotary Chung hold "img_box" id= "

is a love, let alone a dog not a little preparedness

" and in their instigation,

then made of sugar, a second wave of smooches struck

anyway reading program single abused dogs must not light. < so you are proposing addiction pyronaridine for so many times do not pull on the card is to let users fuck broken heart & hellip; & hellip;

for eight years, courtship, and so much sugar, blame may not have said that "a marriage that Deng Chao and Sun Li, there is a love called Li Xiang sun Xiaoxiao", so all of a sudden exposed broke almost stunned small partners.

fine but tore up, still a little traces, look at micro-blog has always been found high-profile two people from November 2015 to now, even a show of affection are wood, the only interaction is Li Xiang forwarded Sun Xiaoxiao about my micro-blog is a singer

is the perfect Valentine's day even the Spring Festival from last year, to know a decline of … …

has always been so high, but the style is somewhat tricky mutation,

and our two meaningful microblogging blessing

no doubt two people, but really is because Li Xiang split Li Feier baa?

Li Fei'Er was Sun Xiaoxiao's good bestie, bestie and Jiang Kaitong group consisting of three people is the envy of others

although the passage of time, but still left a lot across the screen can feel the bestie the niwai

love Sun Xiaoxiao announced, in addition to forward Li Xiang micro-blog also deliberately wrote a. But there is no

< P class= AIT Li Fei'Er "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_51" style= "='>

, but at the end of 2012, Sun Xiaoxiao and Li Fei'Er have basically zero interaction, three people have also left her and Jiang Kaitong

2013 >[years Sun Xiaoxiao birthday, Li Fei'Er did not send a blessing, but on the second day of the a very sad micro-blog, a show of literary youth literary

2013 >[years, after Sun Xiaoxiao and Jiang Kaitong made a micro-blog

three one delegation bestie Li Fei'Er became a … …

and all show

a lot of people predicted that two people trouble breaking reasons, but such girlfriends who speak clearly? Women heart the needle ah

" in addition to Li Xiang, the two former bestie and awkward point is to wake up, in 2011 when the dancing miracle, Li Fei'Er and recovery group partner program group of all the hype, the two CP sense

news is this "img_box"

, although in 2014 when waking up return admit and Li Fei'Er just speculation

, but the two friendship boat or very stable, micro-blog often interactive

since Sun Xiaoxiao and Li Fei'Er break after waking and the relationship becomes very subtle

and Sun Xiaoxiao but later revived the relationship seems to have softened, often to support, Li Xiang also help out

"back to Li Xiang and Sun Xiaoxiao. In fact, when the program from the previous situation, Sun Xiaoxiao should be still young do not intend to get married so early, and Li Xiang said he would follow her mind in this matter, also hope to be able to Sun Xiaoxiao more unmarried youth, how are Xiangai Lee a little more, but relatively mature

before officially announced and the Sun Xiaoxiao affair also wrote "

from inference should be some frictions and contradictions can not be changed, but the choice the tolerance and patience, so in love should be more mature.

friends have praised his high EQ, some people say that his heart is really big … &hellip

, but then again, Sun Xiaoxiao's boyfriend heart really, it is not too much male bestie

Yuan Hong birthday, intimate self "img_box" id= "

Ma Tianyu, the two really is a face with

and even friends so directly ask


Sun Xiaoxiao has been revived hardcore powder, two men's show wear couples dress

" of course, Li Xiang also said that because Sun Xiaoxiao's male bestie he knew, heart is really very big … … do not know if there is a problem of "img_box

, but people have a gossip ex you do not know ah … …

wuli Zheng Kai and Sun Xiaoxiao because of filming take "my youth meet in Yanan", after the "dancing miracle" cooperation, the sugar was not too much

when Zheng Kai also met on the micro. Did not participate in the running man, did not take "Youth", but only a few dozen micro-blog comments, micro-blog all Ca Sun Xiaoxiao


has also been Bachu friends of the Lantern Festival in 2011 in the Zheng Kai home at

Zheng Kai's house this red coat is like Sun Xiaoxiao shenshangnajian.

and whistle sister Terrier, Sun Xiaoxiao birthday Zheng Kai wishes to send

and Sun Xiaoxiao have a micro-blog

Zheng Kai filmed" struggle "version of the film, Yang Xiaoyun is played to the south, to blow the whistle The South will appear on her side, obviously, Sun Xiaoxiao is Zheng Kai

and whistle from the second half of 2011 to the beginning of 2012, Zheng Kai and Sun Xiaoxiao were no interaction in a very long period of time, September 2011 Zheng Kai seems to be feeling

2012 on April 17th, the birthday of Zheng Kai, Zheng Kai forwarded including He Jiong n send birthday micro-blog, but did not see Sun Xiaoxiao, but this time, Zheng Kai Zhao Wei in "to us eventually lost youth crew"

Sun Xiaoxiao Li Xiang announced after the affair, Zheng Kai made a very sad micro-blog

hey, can only say that is really said Shen Shen, you are sentimental young or mature sorghum & hellip; & hellip;

life has many hardships, the past does not mention

love of the ship
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