Russia is about to build a nuclear battery life of up to 100 years

Life expectancy Russia nuclear power development

weifengwang· 2016-10-22 16:58:45

" Russia Samarra Korolev University Press Office announced the day before, the School researchers are developing a nuclear battery, the use of up to 100 years. One of the new technology using porous silicon carbide structure to protect the radioactive elements, to ensure safety at the same time, so that the nuclear battery work for a long time. The radioactive source in the new cell is said to use a special element of carbon 14, which has a half-life of 5700 years, and is nontoxic and inexpensive. This kind of battery is widely used.

, the project leader and chief designer Victor ·, said the battery could be used in the future "technology". He said: "this kind of power supply for the compact size, suitable for all kinds of sensor management and control automation system, including continuous monitoring of oil and gas pipeline deserted Siberia, the Far East and the Arctic region. "

in addition, this new type of battery in the medical, UAV, mechanical manufacturing field also has broad application prospects. In the medical field, for patients with heart disease, no need to replace the battery a pacemaker is a better choice, because not all patients are able to withstand two times of surgery, sometimes the patient's life even depends on the pacemaker working cycle. In the field of UAV, a lot of unmanned aerial vehicle developers interested in this kind of battery is very large, because for them, the power of light and large units of power to meet the requirements of the ongoing work is very important. In addition, silicon carbide material is not only able to withstand cold, but also withstand the high temperature of nearly 350 degrees Celsius, equipped with this kind of battery sensor in the field of mechanical manufacturing is also very valuable.

stressed that the new battery life is long, very useful for information storage. "At present, the information is mainly stored in the U disk and hard disk, but they are limited resources. And the microprocessor that uses this kind of battery can save information for thousands of years. "

the advantage of this nuclear battery is environmentally friendly, cheap, long life. "A new type of battery is safe from an ecological point of view," said the new type of battery. The use of the radioactive isotope carbon 14 of the radiation is very weak, and even can be blocked by a piece of paper. The isotope is placed in the battery metal box, which can completely control the radiation, so it is harmless. "They plan to create a test sample of this new type of battery this year.

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