Beijing cracked the first two-dimensional code ticket fraud

Two-dimensional code Beijing fraud ticket

ITzhijia· 2016-10-22 16:59:42

10 10 days, network transmission Beijing appeared illegally parking sweep two-dimensional code to pay a fine, the news caused netizens concern and hot. Today, the reporter learned from the Daxing police: in the absence of the victim, the police coordination media to help the masses to provide, according to information, the use of technical means to lock the suspect WeChat landing area, through visits Mopai arrested suspects, successfully cracked the first case of Beijing forged "sweep the two-dimensional code" ticket fraud.

" as the short time the information focus is extremely high, and the original Bo people take the initiative to delete the information, the police can find the insider, has not received any victim. The help of the media, the Daxing police after several twists and turns, and finally found the net friend Zhang Li (a pseudonym) to understand the situation. Zhang Li said, October 9th at 11 pm, she found that she was stopped at the roadside near the Daxing District Century Lianhua mall Qingcheng car was posted "sweep the two-dimensional code to pay a fine ticket. Ms. Zhang after the two-dimensional code scanning with a mobile phone, appeared to Daxing District Beijing traffic detachment transfer 200 yuan interface, due to insufficient funds in the account, Ms. Zhang did not transfer success. After being warned by a friend, suspected of fraud, only to take pictures made micro-blog.

later, the Daxing police in conjunction with the relevant departments of the Council set up a task force immediately involved in the investigation of the matter. The police found a ticket to stay through the scan code and two-dimensional code for personal transfer WeChat two-dimensional code, the Tencent Inc's security team to help WeChat positioning that suspects WeChat often landed in the vicinity of Daxing District haizijiao Pingfang district. Police after a few days to visit and touch, and gradually locked a number of suspects have committed the crime of tenants.

in October 18th this year, 8 pm, police on one of the suspects Yang rental visits Mopai, Yang saw the police eyes escape, hesitated to speak, interrogation found that its mobile phone is landing the police micro signal has been locked, Yang admitted on the spot that produced and posted ticket fraud sweep the two-dimensional code. After the search, police in Yang rental seized desktop machine, the ticket did not fill out the electronic version of the date found in the desktop, and forged Daxing Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the seal of the electronic version, then Yang took the investigation.

after a review, Yang confessed that he had seen in Huizhou, Guangdong, police issued a scan two-dimensional code to pay a fine, the tip of the fraud, that can be profitable in this way. Then, Yang price of 100 yuan to let a netizen fake ticket, leave your transfer WeChat two-dimensional code, print their own posted in Daxing street, did not think I haven't received a transfer, he was arrested in daxing.

is currently on suspicion of forgery of official documents of the state organs of the official seal of the crime has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation.

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