Ten big stars all 1 meters 68? The same frame exposure height good embarrassment


guanchazhewang· 2016-10-22 18:48:16

recently, Yang Mi attended the "REC" real man 2 exposure, with power girl into training camp is not easy at the same time, also has a piercing eye audience, the official height of 168cm Yang Mi and 169cm Shen Mengchen on the official height, height less than 1cm. Class= img_box "

this naked eye observation on the difference of the appearance of 5cm.

" again to see Yang Mi and Vivian Hsu on the same stage, Ella photos, three people are wearing high-heeled shoes, but the difference of slope. But Vivian Hsu's official height is only 161cm, while two people standing side by side poor good. Baby don't understand!

" originally, 168cm has a day at the height of the official circles, so many stars are the height of 1 meters 68! For example, in figure Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Liu Tao, Jiang shuying. Class= img_box "

Zheng Shuang, Yang Mi, Xu Qing,, Janine Chang and Di Ali Gerba are also 1 meters 68.

" Yang Mi and Di Ali Gerba two 1 meters 68 standing side by side style is this.

" Yang Mi with a height of 1 meters, 1 meters 72 Tang Yan 65 Liu Shishi on the same stage style is like this. With wear high heels, 1 meters 64 Qi Wei is also much higher than what is the situation? (source: China Youth Entertainment) "img_box"

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