Tea MM to create a generation of inspirational net red door, hit the face of the Red Net everywhere, is not only the girl effort to get the world?

Milk tea MM the world

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baby good night!

say last night just a small main sentence [red]

and background, there is a big wave of baby (the wave as the quantifier, non noun)


... Well, they say what mud wave of ~
however, actually red net classification number many, many, uneven levels of...

for example, live the red net...

now the enterprise is really not want to pull live on

at the same time, the red net of this industry is fired

for example, casually some unknown small red out of it... />



well, the hin... What they were ~~~

say pure hi

> dress and Hi...

(small master guess has C....

poof, what the hell is this? />

yes, this is a small network of red, the income of the small master


low don't think this, red circles also have a variety of network competition and the means of yo ~ to see your baby husband harem will understand, is the most representative from the network [] and various red Sydney began before the

Sydney after [son] is the red beans get net

< P style= "text-align: left;" >

but recently, beans have children sun with male friends to go to Saipan to play the photos on INS,

(principal can not help but want to sigh, the beautiful body ah ~ ~)


the same box exit sister paper and change ~

Crestron color: RGB (51, 51, 51); font-size:; 16px; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255); "> Rolls-Royce Roadster With ~


the Yangtze River; bring forth the new through the old , most new wave is a little girl named Zhei [

(why combine Sydney + beans and have children a sense of perspective... />

the little girl is 96 years... Style= text-align: "left

also net red...

beautyi long "text-align: left style=

small evil main points to open the picture:

again... To put... Big... />

good style= text-align: "left ~

is the elder sister lost. Style= text-align: "left


caution and net red photo... />

horizontal groove, pianti serious cough...

today is in fact to small main representative network red 818:

tea MM Zhang Zetian

said before pulling the individual thing, Prince William and Kate with two adorable treasure high photos...

in particular to Prince George, Qiao

and CBI in mud Qiangjing ~ ~~~

do what adorable!



but, you know what Wuli is how to "seduce" Kate Prince William? The history of struggle but Qiao and ~

inspirational Kate was a commoner, a very general

, even 300 years ago ancestors had been slaves were dug out...

British people are pretty ruthless... Style=


's days ~ ~ really ~

Kate is not stupid white sweet good:

through various efforts, and finally get Prince William and make students ~

which includes excellent performance

is very good at swimming. Also repeatedly broke the school record for swimming!

is very good at hockey is very good at running, especially tennis... "Text-align: center;..

so the First come, first served.

Prince and he close to the initiative to carry out a variety of offensive ~

what active profession, this is also the main let a little terrified ah!

in the charity show catwalk scheming trick! It is said that this is the key to conquer the prince a trick...

"remember this inspirational book, named for

's superb tricks, complicated small main is simply as the acme of perfection ah ~ want to marry a rich man inspirational textbooks good ~~

but, then you made?

in fact, we and Princess Kate still worse between the 100000 milk tea MM!

let the small main to help the low order 818 version of Kate - tea MM "success of history" ~

first, tea sister how popular backing?

online said milk dad [daughter] the pitch invested millions! (behind the table and said ~ worry) and tea dad is president of Stone group in Nanjing, down

; "however, tea sister's popularity is because of a self proclaimed" pencil man "netizens posting said" brother cleared all the time for this post, "posted in the classical Zhang Zetian took photos of the

tea and posted a love letter.

in the courtship letter released less than one hour's time, netizens will flesh out the basic information and the mass of the girl's photo, and in less than a week that became the network Reds tea sister ~

tut tut, really so simple? Then a reporter went to the "text-align: center style= ~

the other end is where evildoer ~~

"," text-align: style= numerous victories. ~~~

; "China out of recognition, that is the tea MM100 million, do permanent long-term positive image promotion []...

"Hin really ah, but that was later to tea sister told ~

when the court asked China to tea sister published a statement of apology on sohu.com and micro-blog, and appropriate compensation for the loss time, start playing. First, China issued a" text-align: center style=

that was the end of it? There is no ~

after a few days, he also issued a document:

"I carry thousands of dollars, lenient wherever it is possible, my parents in poor health have been sick, I even lawsuit money can't afford..."

"when you pity me, sorry for my parents..."

< br />

then said his plan called Zhang Zhetian...

"I'm with you without rancor, please don't take it personally"

"if I will sue you get, damage my reputation, you gave me a public apology I, compensation for economic losses and mental solatium." />

feel there is in China self speculation suspects... On the background of China

is the

that has even raise a Babel of criticism of

(ahem, here Tian Jing lying gun ~ ~

) anyway, anyway, MM is red tea net and ~


however, red net always a burst of fire from the hot tea, so MM is no exception but ~

, 2009 to 2011, tea sister on the Internet 2 years of silence, until the tea sister "test" on the Tsinghua University, and re entered the people's vision of ~

for a time, "90", "beauty", "Curve Wrecker" the "pure" and so on, have become her label

< P> a "please Rogge laid her on stage in Nanjing foreign language school to learn the status of Top1 in pa!

style= "in the tea sister Tsinghua

during this period of the tea sister, photographed two Dabao" Tsinghua logo clothes "and" I now refuse to film, to concentrate on reading a good school!"


three five can see [about] tea sister refused to press, such as Zhang Yimou's "under the Hawthorn Tree", "The Flowers Of War", Stephen Chow "Mermaid" and Alec Su "left ear" and Chinese version "full house" and so on

but her classmates from the mouth, it seems that we can see another cup of tea to the legend of the South Curve Wrecker, is actually the money? Style= white-space: "pre-wrap

said tea, what is more, fail the exam cheating...

; "because the university has provided four fail the exam have to drop out of school, so tea had to roundabout go Columbia University to do the exchange, but because the TOEFL is not standard, and sit in the Barnard women's college... />

learn tyrants suddenly changed to learn slag!

six results are even burst out... Style= text-align: "center

there are students who hated her, hoping she break the posting online...

(sorry, it has been a long time, the original data of these screenshots are Hin fuzzy ah)

so, if not this big brother in exchange, it will not be after the "Beijing" for "day" ah ~ ~? Style=


since ancient times, so there will be a

uncle Ailuo Li, "Eighteen bride eighty Lang, white hair on Confidante.

Yuanyang tent in night, a bunch of pear pressure begonia."

this first Yin poem (too dirty, cover face and go!)

in the overbearing president in love with me play, the female main people must comply with the ~

Lolita silly white sweet thing to attract the uncle have to worship ~

all admired uncle all so when tea Gala commercials Jingdong posted in micro-blog, praising Liu Qiangdong to discuss and be modest, in users Tucao said "advertisement", small Lolita immediately show many sister nature, arguing that they are really think Liu Qiangdong superior moral...



2013 reported that Liu Qiangdong studied at the Columbia University, and in September of the same year, Zhang Zetian also went to Columbia University study, two people with a meal time instantly blitz, "text-align: center style= ~

mm is the Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong met for the first time New York nightclub ~ photo wearing a white dress tea sister, with a frightened innocent eyes made people feel pity, no wonder if her at first sight...

2014 in January, when the IP show in the United States that year with the users micro Bo said, brother Liu Qiangdong learning and tea sister has fallen into love.

have users in micro-blog with

" uh, so soon burst out, during the Chinese new year when Liu Qiangdong returned to her hometown have it easy, the parents said, during the big brother study acquaintance. Smecta I was well, so, it is true."

MM is the first natural tea ~

users immediately posted two people hug in the streets of New York affectionate photos.... Mhmm face ah

it has been done, Liu Qiangdong finally admitted the relationship between two people,

and tell the classic small days I have seen the most simple kind of people "

and at the same time, then the ~

"just like that? No? How may style= text-align: center ~

2014 >

2015 January, Liu Qiangdong removed all the night and tea sister micro-blog, tea sister also emptied of micro-blog, a time of four ~~

online public opinion but some say this is a Jingdong in order to the new domain name online publicity...

then, Liu Qiangdong will spread false news users to the court, and claims 8 million...

, the 2015 new year, Liu Qiangdong took the tea sister went back to their hometown, introduced tea sister say: my wife!!!!

since then, overbearing president and red MM style network opened a show of affection mode ~

infinite graduation photo shoot is like this:

would kill "is this:

" text-align: center; "the wedding ceremony is this:

is this:

< br />

pictures is like this:

even friends are not let go:

the netizen summed up: you don't

to your daughter by his peers Hold.

you work hard, you can hold the daughter of the age!

in addition to show affection, another skill is to send the president handed! The public! Our!

love period, Liu Qiangdong spent 10 million registered in Jiangsu Zhang Zetian Culture Development Company Limited (registered in Suqian), Zhang Zetian as the legal representative.

after the engagement, Liu Qiangdong registered the Dongchen Klc Holdings Ltd (registered capital of 1 hundred million, registered in Suqian), Shanghai Neusoft Catering Management Limited (registered capital of $10 million, registered in Shanghai), Chongqing Green Tea Company Limited (registered capital of 52 million 233 thousand and 400 yuan, registered in Chongqing)......

= JD: Please note that name of intelligent tea museum.....

is the main food crit.....

in February this year, upgraded to tea tea sister mother, Liu Qiangdong Hao throw 20 million in his hometown of Suqian, also registered Jiangsu trading company

at this time, only 23 year old tea, has been sitting on the 5 companies

hin inspirational! Have wood have?

recently, to celebrate the two anniversary, the couple went to the Columbia University in two also deliberately photo, relive a happy place to start again.

;" this is our network red and her overbearing president's love story, you will feel

MM tea is Marysu woman silly white sweet?

the goose, not everyone is tea, some small red star network trying to spell out a trail or hin no ~

but to walk the road of tea is destined to drown in the sea? it may not necessarily Oh ~ red net upper history that is quite much, closing down resources Balabala cosmetic tear...



8 finished these feeling after several very

because of the small owners found that between the few and tea MM also NNNNNNN+1 Zhou Yangqing...

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