Autumn is cool, winter drought, his legacy continues with Dichangqianzhuo...


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Turin River in the misty waves of poplar in the the Alps mountain breeze, partly hidden and partly visible, croons the fate of the vicissitudes of the autumn dream. Both the mountains and rivers, mountains at Tsui, in an unbroken line. Mountains and rivers under binfa such as knife cut, eyebrows like ink painting of Buffon guarding the "old lady" last stubborn, looking at the age from the day to enjoy the convulsion drift, the setting sun fall red day scene.

light twist time, one look back. 20 year old Buffon as a substitute goalkeeper, wearing 22# witnessed the French penalty out of Italy. Four years after the world cup in Japan and South Korea fell in South Korea over the ink clouds. Berlin 06 years after all the achievements of the Shanyinzechang brilliant. 10 years of South Africa, the defending champion team out of the game. 14 World Cup in Brazil Azzurri again, Buffon article. The five World Cup, 16 years time if you both with a passer-by the abuse of the body child heart, also has a day. And once the gas towering bone.

autumn, white clouds, the moon hanging lake, green water flows east, at the age of 21, with Parma winning the UEFA Cup, now 38 year old Buffon old roots Mi Zhuang, 350 + 5 consecutive league serie a victory. The League record, 794 minutes without conceding a goal, the best goalkeeper of twenty-first Century fully deserve the sum of $45 million in 2001, the contemporary Jinyuan football under the background of more value for money. His eyebrows jump, he pulls out his hands up Babel, month, in the years of cracks, to fill the empty mulberry Yufei late.

Zuiwo battlefield smoke in the cold moonlight. Whether it is at the beginning of the year 17 show had stood in front of Parma, single handedly and Milan striker meet as equals.

or a German teammate when only Wulong and Zu a penalty to let him at a loss what to do.

regardless of him in front of the defense is Maldini and Nesta, or Cannavaro and Materazzi or Bonui and Chielli. Even if the cloud to fly, leaves flurry, the peak of Bishan willow fishes, the man laughing startles the enemy.

on the Alps will be sunset clouds dispersed, silent, silent and solitary duck. "Telephone gate event" Buffon with Juventus in Serie B League, loyalty through the day, years of baptism City his joys and sorrows, reshaped his name. Return to Serie A, Wushirenfei, Cannavaro went to Madrid, and you are still in Turin city at sea, or horseshoe beacon, or The scenery is like a picture.

some pain always hung with snow --03 at Old Trafford in the Champions League final, Buffon lost a penalty of death.

Berlin in the Champions League final, losing to the very influential MSN.

the Champions League is always his hope is always overcast, the sky can not touch. The two Champions League final between the two European Cup final, reincarnation, river, heavy rain, not as a person ages v.. The candle out on the night, pale resentment, static person lonely, sparse leaves the door. Style= text-align: "justify

autumn is cool, winter drought. The mountains are still green, vaguely. The 38 year old Buffon, still looking back one of her own past, the sound of wind and rain, ten horse, five whip. Listen, you see, there was still Gujiao, such as cloth banners. His legacy continues with Dichangqianzhuo. />

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