HUAWEI Mate9 real machine diagram exposure: a very narrow border design

HUAWEI border ROM screen

ITzhijia· 2016-10-22 23:58:57

IT home news with 960 processor Hass kylin officially released, HUAWEI's flagship Mate9 release time is approaching, from before the God Evan broke Blass provides the picture, HUAWEI Mate9 also provides a curved screen version available, and the use of pre Home button design.

has just provided users in a suspected new color HUAWEI Mate9 real machine diagram, screen front with a black panel, very narrow frame design, while the back is a pink purple, overall color is also more eye-catching.

is not due to the curved screen version, Mate9 version uses a fingerprint on the back plane design, laser focusing and lights with double photo symmetrical design, the lens is similar to P9, in cooperation with Leica to build, the imaging effect is worth looking forward to. HUAWEI Mate9

previously suspected already in the Ministry of network, but also did not give a specific configuration. According to the broke the news that, Mate9 will be equipped with the highest RAM+256GB ROM 6GB, built-in 4000mAh battery, support for HUAWEI super fast charging technology, the machine will be released in November 3rd. Class= img_box "

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