Lujiazui is too cruel, my boyfriend finally chose the investment bank official two generations

Finance plug Lujiazui the two generation

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candle to half off, blow to the end for aromatherapy. But Jonathan hasn't come yet. I have been used to the appointment of his time, to postpone the next three hours.

more than one hour today, refresh the record.

wait until the fall of the city is about to wake up, heavy footsteps finally sounded outside the door. Jonathan is no longer as in the past, with overtime or entertainment to explain what, but the computer package readily throw, came to hug me.

until his hand climbs up to the shoulder blade, I slowly wake up because I'm too long and stiff. Suddenly, he suddenly throw me on the bed. Two strong brachial triceps, pressed people unable to move.

is a hidden foul.

husband Housing prices in Shanghai are more sensitive than the bed in the morning, gradually the noise, a bit more not the rhythm of the moan. Almost no power clock ticking, even let him nervous.

apparently, Jonathan do not want to expose the truth no emotion, no exchange . He just want to in the mechanical drawing, consumed this room full of grievances.

until the next old landlord to get up, in an attempt to return the protest pace creaks, he was suddenly deflated, flashed a relieved face relaxed.

"I earn more, I will vacate. "He stood up, while the sweat.

I was lying in bed, silent for a long time, said: "break up.". "


know Jonathan that year, I was a ready to cross a professional graduate student. From the National People's Congress and economics graduate, graduate school abroad gold-plated came back after him, is a Shanghai investment bank as an intern.

fate dictates, that a few months is my emotions out of control, is his work the most idle time. The rhythm of each other, so I think that Jonathan is the right person that later, when he gradually become a cruel person, I still can not let go.

the first Jonathan, the eyes of life, emotional appeal, sweet love.

in the morning to go to the field as he drove when flowers, petals also with dew.

such as a meal the Bund candlelight dinner, open the last dish, is actually an aromatherapy machine.

"you have been sleeping for a long time. With this, to help sleep. He said, "clear. Another example is

he caught the mask embarrassed, I tried to say: "the mask is rotten, hollow place is too large, do not apply to all circles for a week. "

just said I regret it, and accidentally exposed to buy cheap goods short-sighted.

Jonathan was surprised to laugh: "is not a mask of the problem is that your face is too small. "

I froze.

wait until the next meeting, he took advantage of me a turn around, put a few boxes of imported mask into the bag. When I found out he brought, but disdain it, continue to help me analyze this situation of postgraduate. This is the

Jonathan consistent style overbearing, strong, almost no room for this style in the of a good person, was unable to resist the killer; on one's indifferent, is unable to fight back.

later in the study section of the political reasons for dragging back, then I did not understand the essence of dialectics.


alone these petty, is not enough to make me stand Jonathan after all. I really do not want to let go, is the kind of spiritual communication.

as a cross professional dog dog, I almost three or four days will collapse once. Whenever you go, Jonathan will always be in a WeChat, the first time to catch up with me. He knew that as long as I had to finish, as long as more than one second, I will soon be good.

I'm running out of all his patience with me.

and when Jonathan tried to understand the confusion I was writing, I was not qualified to complain about what he was crazy about.

I understand him too that station in Lujiazui high-rise overlooking the panic, deal between clients and peers, but tired, busy late into the night, without a single success.

like the feeling, I have not experienced less than him.


I finished my research, to take the energy to this affair, he carefully make up for my good, Jonathan preparation work has begun to show ambition.

less than three minutes to talk to me, he used to open the WeChat working group. Sometimes I have a table I do but absent-minded, haven't finished grilled meal, he suddenly thought of what, walk to the front of the computer is a burst of crackling beat. However, as the bottom of the investment bank

Analyst, Jonathan of the time or cost should be more or less 0.5mm in the material line spacing, or pass in the upper left corner or upper right corner to in statistics. I often joke is not finished, he was in a trance, and think: "Fuck

, what time to do serious work! "

I feel chest tightness, like love their own when the gunman was squeezed as distressed him. The joke is not speak anymore, but a face, do some silly intentional action. He smiled sadly, grinning up corners of the mouth down very quickly, eyes fell in midair unknown.

but I don't exist.

said, when Jonathan burst foul language became the norm, I was worried about how such a bad temper in the financial circle of survival, one in the street. His boss, I only know that they underestimated him a second ago Yin face, after a second can spring flowers. The calm, elegant, hard working Jonathan

industry, come back again.


Jonathan become the official operation of the screw, we become more than IPO dialogue template, focus on routine.

"dinner can't be with you, I have to work overtime. "

" good. "

" I travel over the weekend to talk about the project, you can see the movie bestie together. "

" wrote a day file, back to the hotel to prepare for the examination of the sponsor, I'll talk to you tomorrow. The "

" dinner tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I'll talk to you. "

sometimes I guess he's probably off the rails. Would like to sit down to talk about this matter, but also afraid of affecting his work. While the backlog of mood a bit out of control, WeChat sent out one after another. But the reality proves that I always think too much.

a person would not be affected, it can not be affected.

wait until he finished the first thing, second things … … the ninth thing he remembered there was a pitiful girlfriend, waiting for him to return to the news. And up the first sentence, is not a small local signal is not good, that is, the day will be opened. He bothered to explain the end of a pass, I don't remember why I was angry.

and then I finished the WeChat, deliberately shielded him, or simply shut down. I don't want to be based on the length of time he replies, decided that day by the number of torture.

if Jonathan needs me to help him to do something, I will be like that when he rushed to my side, rushed to his side. But he's not me. In his eyes, whispers just useless pastime, embrace even a smoke than neural town.

he doesn't need anything, just want me to be invisible and disappear. In addition to providing affordable hard


such as project resources, background and this is the way Jonathan is now looking at the world. His eyes become increasingly acute, the pursuit of more focus, and the impulse to valuation has almost become an instinct. Not only to be a huge amount of information to be listed companies, as well as time, communication costs, love investment.


one day I write a story in front of the computer:

"in a three line City nightclub, the so-called beauty PR, just feeling Jonathan's thigh, smile huazhiluanchan. Local executives came to a big fat head, that wine has not enough. Jonathan restrained the brain's vertigo, hugged the beauty of public relations, a drink to kill the cup of wine. Just a couple of hours ago, they were in a hotel with a government background.

Jonathan as the main representative of the Underwriters, red and yellow are always. He knew that this drink wine, the roaring waves into the business of friendship, until the same root tied to each other on the interests of the chain, pull out the wool as soon as possible.

three in the morning, the leader is ready to take the girl to leave, but still remain in the eyes of the Jonathan body. Jonathan refused to understand the price, he elbowed a PR chest, waved his hand: OK, we go to … … "

wrote this novel, I could not restrain zaxia computer cover. As for Jonathan at that moment in the end there is no hesitation, I do not know. Just before the

Facts speak louder than words. to write novels, I travel in his suitcase, pulls out a strong hand down suit, splashed mud imported leather shoes, and had to buy at the local season encounter the copycat trousers, and Durex pocket.

may be too tired to work, he has always been cautious to the effect that.


found that second days of Durex, the reality of the Jonathan closed door head into the endless pitchbook. I pushed the door to the half, he jumped out of the chair crabbily:

"how many times have I told you, don't disturb me when … &hellip

;" his voice in my hand to see Durex, stop. However, in two seconds, he will finish on the face expression, restore high-end Jinling people accustomed arrogance. The

boss was afraid of his wife home, temporarily put my pocket. "He paused," he said, "you can't say no to the boss. "

, as I expected, Jonathan has hundreds of excuses to fool me, just like the customer. analysis of the valuation of the company, he called on to prove that cooperative skills, stronger than my ability to write the story of Marysu; he made the marketing performance growth curve, do art realm level than I struggle and fight the giants to establish the chaebol character pedigree of even a better /strong>.

in fact, no matter what he did last, as long as this "to help the boss do one hundred good things, as with the boss do a bad thing", you can explain all. Not enough, there is a serious faux pas "avoid prostitution behavior" and "similar tobacco woman is to establish cooperation business tool" and "master each other in order to guarantee the agreement" and other reasons.

he only remembered that I was writing a novel, but I forget my undergraduate course is to learn the sociology of I can use more accurate language, the unspoken rules for the financial circle.

Jonathan dare not significant truth, probably because of embarrassment. I looked at his bloodshot eyes, my heart suddenly a soft, Durex put into his hand: "that you remember to give the boss

. "

is from when to begin, this kind of patience became habit? Is the morning micro channel, he wait for the night after work only to reply? Is the weekend in the theater to see half, he was called to the boss to go to the airport on business days? I was alone in the face of the mouse fled rental housing, but no one help afraid?


day in their company dinner, colleagues pointed to pour Jonathan said to me: "

he is a blue chip, you should see a prison! "

I looked at him, but smiled.

how can I not understand? The value of compared with depreciation, social exchange theory can explain the relationship between the clarity and the people, or that all along is a deal.

looked at over Jonathan, suddenly, I really hope that he is in love with him because of snobbish.

if so, I can easily leave. One night


Jonathan no epoch-making, in the company to work overtime, no home to work overtime, he took me to go out for a walk. We walked along the park road, do not speak, nor in the hand, that is, it has been moving forward. His feet are getting faster and faster, the pace is getting more and more heavy, as if there is any pain to strive to consume the same.

walked to the depths, has seen what people. Jonathan suddenly stumbled and almost fell down. I helped him past, long strained nerves finally stretched live. He bit his lip, tightly grabbed my hand, want to say what they can not say.

on the edge of collapse, he still want to maintain a man's dignity.

but perhaps the family in different, perhaps colleagues can not be friends taboo, perhaps looking for new mistress Jonathan later or he just find amusement when the occasion arises, let go. After much deliberation, only a girlfriend, for he kept secret, as he buried all inferiority, humiliation, forbear.

said he did half a project in the end is how to die a natural death, said the industry downturn under the competition and how tragic. Even if the relationship is not strong, but also because of the company's support, you can get a project to do it. And their own half a year ago reported that the project was not, but also by other colleagues to be passed, and a smooth advance to make a.

Jonathan said, can not say it.

and I can't blame him for the selfish side of me. Because I found that, in addition to pat him, I really can not help anything. There is no background tough family background, there is no guarantee that the bank will be three relationships, even to support themselves, not to become his burden, it is a difficult task for me.

Jonathan do not know is that I was also a well-known film companies cheated. Get the first paragraph to get the script, the project is yellow. Who knows the new project, remove the title, the story and I write exactly the same.

can not find a person to solve, but also can not afford to solve the cost.

but I can't complain anymore. To complain, I and he will because of a slow pace, and fell in the city between the machine gear, crushed into mud.

then we raised our hair to stay, not far from the shape of the giant building around. material, bright, cold temperament, so is coming to Shanghai, where do not become slaves of desire. When

threw away by the world, Jonathan and I sat on the bench cold, Freemasonry, pity each other.


Jonathan good luck in the new year swept in the income and resources, local banks, only with the help of shadowy elegant, can quickly break the ceiling industry, realize several sectors of the upward flow. But the political and business alliance brings the generation effect, is undoubtedly the most reliable one. I took the day off

Jonathan, another officer of the two generation, I didn't blame him. Even no one can rationalize his behavior more than I do.

I do not know how, I think a lot of things in life, will be used up in a night. For example, he used to have patience with me and said to me. at that time, I had a vague feeling that Jonathan would leave sooner or later.

once I stood at the window, watching him drown in the crowd back, silently say in the heart:

someone to support you through the most difficult time, and the least side gentleman, not the man, let me take it. Others may not be able to bear it, but I can.

until you are brilliant, washed up, look for others, do not look so stretched, shortness of breath and heart. This harvest of love can be get rid of sin, without tears.

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