Smart home market value will exceed $120 billion in the future development is worth looking forward to


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recently, 2016 Global Sources Electronics Exhibition opened in Hongkong Asiaworld Expo, the new intelligent Home Furnishing galleries become a major highlight of the exhibition. According to data show that by 2022, the global smart home market value will be more than $120 billion. Can be imagined, smart home is becoming a hot trend.

smart Home Furnishing market value will exceed $120 billion worth looking forward to future development (source network)

Home Furnishing intelligent field gradually cooling

are so quickly cooling, the most fundamental reason is that enterprises and consumers are not clear in demand where. Enterprises do not know what kind of smart home equipment to meet expectations, consumers do not know what the needs of intelligent products. This stage can be called the stage of trial and error, can continuously adjust and find out suitable products. In this context, the enterprise will no longer discuss what entrance and the center of the theory and the virtual, like QQ, Baidu family and other Tencent are getting more silent and soundless is to return to the ground, a single product. But then how to extend the development of the same is not clear, smart home business is also a step by step.

" "to provide active service in order to better meet the needs of intelligent Home Furnishing

is so intelligent Home Furnishing industry insiders agree that the current market is still in the initial stage, the distance was still a long way to go. The next few years, smart Home Furnishing perhaps will have a big change, now is more ahead, seize the opportunity. Although the smart home can not be expected and hot, but this trend has not changed, smart home is still the key to improving the quality of life of the residents. Once the artificial intelligence technology, such as a new breakthrough, the smart home to subvert human life style will not be a fantasy.

on the market, mostly stay on the surface of smart or intelligent one-sided, simply do the screen display, network connectivity, mobile phone control etc.. Neither to solve the user needs pain points, but also failed to improve the user experience, smart home fire is not surprising. The emergence of smart home, changing the product as the center of the profit model, instead to serve as the center. This requires smart home business to provide active service, better to meet customer needs, rather than a one-time sale. Only the concept of change, smart home market to develop and progress.

although the global smart Home Furnishing market is still in its infancy, but the development direction is clear, positive to speed up the formation of a complete industrial chain, build the ecosystem, the development of industry standards. Believe that in the future, smart home field will make a breakthrough in the development of.

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