IOS 10 is looking forward to 10 new features


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in June 13th in the United States of San Francisco on the WWDC Developers Conference, apple is undoubtedly the focus will be placed in the new 10 iOS system. Although 9.3.2 iOS is currently being tested, however, the user is clearly looking forward to the arrival of iOS 10.

" MacStories "recently, according to the information from the outside and fire spread prediction, made a iOS 10 video, the new features added to the iOS 10 look forward to the show, here, let's take a look at the iOS 10 there will be a new feature which allows the user to look forward to.

Video (2 minutes and 37 seconds): "

A control center, custom order

this function is always the users expect iOS function, the user can adjust their habits of each control center project based on this sequence, can make users more What the heart wishes one's hands accomplish。

two, 3D Touch the further improvement of < / Section>

three, the control center < / custom icon Section>

as IOS devices is the most convenient shortcuts, user natural also hope IOS 10 control center to open wider to the outside world, such as adding third-party app, cellular mobile network flow switch, health tracking app, and so on.


< span style =" max-width: 100%; line-height: 25.6000003814697px; word-wrap: break-word! Important; box-sizing: border box! Important; > If IOS 10 to launch dark themes, will can reduces glare caused by eye fatigue, combined with the night shift, it can be said to be quite practical.

five, preview information more

iOS 10 in that part of the information is expected to join the keyword analysis function, in order to let users quickly grasp the relevant information.

six, optional keyboard Emoji Fu

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by symbol, can make dialogue atmosphere more active, if iOS 10 can according to this user habits, adding the keyboard "fast selection of commonly used Emoji" shortcut, will greatly improve the user use Emoji sign of trouble.

seven, contact free to set the

if you just want to a person without disturb setting it? For users of this demand, iOS 10 can be added to a specific contact set for the free mode, open this function, the other side of the information will be automatically muted, and other information is not affected.

eight, better

for business users, a good file management, at any time to obtain the required information, and this also can directly improve the iPad in business applications. As a result, iOS 10 is considered to be Drive iCloud to adjust the interface, providing a more clear classification as well as a quick preview of the function.

nine," drag "function of

ten, Siri API the launch of
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iOS 10 is expected to launch the Siri API, so that the user can pass the Siri voice assistant function, the direct use of all kinds of app, this obviously is a good idea. For example, the direct use of Siri to say the words through the communication App to each other.

of course, in addition to these functions, the apple will bring a kind of IOS 10, June 13, to reveal the answer to the user.

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