Philippine officials: thank China for the recovery of the Philippine enterprises to export banana pineapple license

Export China pineapple banana

wangyicaijing· 2016-10-23 10:15:17

China announced the resumption of the Philippine exports to China related enterprises of banana and pineapple license, Philippines Vice Minister of agriculture Fadimapu Yate · Bernadette said in Beijing on 21, the Philippine Department of agriculture was happy and grateful. She believes that this is the great achievement of the Philippine President Duthel Te's visit to china.

on the same day, Duthel Te led a delegation to visit Chinese Bernadette to the bank. She told reporters after the end of the event, China has been the largest partner of agricultural trade in Philippines. During the Philippine President's visit, the two countries reached a joint statement, China announced the resumption of the relevant enterprises to export to China Philippine banana and pineapple license. This is a very gratifying and good news for agriculture. She thanked the Chinese government for the move. At the same time as

, "The Belt and Road international financial exchanges and cooperation between the members of the seminar, Bernadette believes that Philippines will be in the" China Belt and Road Initiative "initiative to benefit. The seminar organized by the China bank for the Philippine central and local governments, industry associations and other personnel, the house and senate. In a more in-depth understanding of the "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, she believes that "The Belt and Road" can enhance the connectivity between the two countries. "For example, in the field of infrastructure construction, can promote the construction of Philippines, but also in the field of agricultural cooperation will be strengthened. "She said," Philippines can participate in the "The Belt and Road ', better learning experience to the development of Chinese".

said Walter's visit to China, she believes that this visit has been successful. "Although I did not talk to the president personally, but he looks very happy and very satisfied with this. "

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