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in the fall of seventeen years ago, the grand National Day parade ceremony held at the Beijing Tiananmen square, and the 14 year old Liu Marvin left Pingxiang County home town of Hebei city of Xingtai, take the train to Beijing, a leather factory in Tongzhou started his career in migrant workers.

Liu Jiandong's work across the territory of Mongolia, Russia and africa. He is now the identity of Beijing's full-time network of about car drivers, along with him there are 32 people in Pingxiang county. They built a WeChat group, called "East team".

where they sleep in Beijing South six ring side, the Tiananmen gate is about 20 km, a food factory is located in "village in city". They are fellow, male, more than and 30 years old, wife and children left home. Their lives are typical of China's 170 million people from the countryside.

they mostly after 80, had lost contact with the land. Although agricultural accounts, the home has a few acres of land, but no one is willing to go back to farming. Most people have returned home again and again, but soon again again into the city. So repeatedly.

100 days after the Spring Festival this year, Liu Jiandong came to Beijing townsman net about the car, up to more than and 40 people. At that time, a month to earn about ten thousand yuan, less than seven thousand or eight thousand.

this income allows them to find their own position in the reinforced concrete of the city, to the identity of the driver and the establishment of a new link in Beijing. But in the past with the farmers and the land close to different, the new link appears to be somewhat fragile.

about the new car "Beijing Beijing car", to the fragile relationship under the heavy hammer smashed. The first half of the year, "many people come here, pull." this information is still "Dadong team" WeChat group to pass each other. With the Beijing network about car news release, the WeChat group is now more and more quiet.

they are talking about what to do in the future, the network does not know about the car can not continue to open. Some people say, not to do is to open the black car. Dadong team like the fate of Beijing from time to time the haze, people do not see the front.

East team live next to the South six ring, there are many factories nearby. No high-rise, air occasionally plastic burning smell, here is a typical urban. The villagers all live in

food factory as the center village, of which more than and 20 people live in the same building. This is a 4 storey Tongzilou, each room is about eleven two square meters, generally two or three villagers sleep, every 500 yuan a month.

day is Tuesday, noon sun glare, but if you do not turn on the lights, the building was dark. A fellow said, here is more humid.

Liu Hua to get the quilt corridor "sun", where lighting is better, but still not to bask in the sun. Liu Hua is the driver of the group of 32 years old, was originally the introducer, he put Liu Jiandong's fellow villagers to Beijing.

lives on the 2 floor of the Liu Jiandong, born in 1985, in 1999 the city, ten years as assembly line workers, construction workers, the cashier and today's network of about car drivers, now has 3 sons, his wife took in his hometown. He has three acres of land in his hometown, parents in the kind of.

Liu Jiandong's professional experience, follow the changes in the industrial structure of China and constantly switch. 1999, the second industry is the first driving force of China's economy, accounting for three of the proportion of the 45.76% major industries. Manufacturing industry in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta and Zhejiang area developed, ushered in a wave of migrant workers on the assembly line, filled with workers from other provinces.

and with the development of real estate in China, to migrant workers to open another entrance. In August 2003, the State Council issued a document to the real estate industry as a pillar industry of the national economy. The real estate investment increases continuously, real estate built in a city, the figure more and more construction workers in the city.

service industry in 2014 for the first time exceeded the second industry, and the Internet economy has created a large number of labor demand. The courier, go by and net about car drivers, as workers new positions. With the rise and fall of the industry, this group of the village more and more people come to appear in public view.

Liu Jiandong said that their generation, basically no longer willing to land. In the past, the kind of crops brought income can feed a few people in the family, and then for some money to live, basically enough; now, the income of a crop, an acre of land can earn a few hundred dollars has been good.

his fingers he carefully calculated according to this account, the price of corn, removing fertilizer, weeding and harvesting costs, only just back the cost. The government issued farming subsidies, a year is 100 yuan per mu.

Liu Jiandong said that if the family farming can solve the food and clothing, enough of the tuition fees of children, who do not want to at home with his wife and children hot Kang? Because they do not make money, so they put people into the city. "Even if we go back, we still have to come out, because we have no money to earn. "Liu Jiandong has gone back to his hometown many times, and finally came out.

"and the price rose too much," said Liu Jiandong, the money now than in the past "to stand", his son on the second grade primary school, the annual tuition fee will be 20 thousand yuan, the other two sons were read the first grade and kindergarten, cost is not small, farming is not enough money. Wang Guozhi, compared with Liu Jiandong, born in 1994,, has never been a place. The Wang Guozhi family has six acres of land, he said to estimate an acre of land a year should be able to earn one thousand dollars, one side to Liu Marvin immediately shouted: "which is one thousand dollars! "

Wang Guozhi's voice weakened somewhat:" ah, did not you? "He is the youngest team inside the East, there are three sisters.

2010, never graduated from junior high school Wang Guozhi thought outside to look at the world, along with several fellow came to Beijing. The first job is security, at that time a monthly salary of 1500 yuan. In later years, continue to go home a few times, and many times to Beijing, network management, security, electrician and driver captain did have.

Wang Guozhi said, feeling that people have paid special attention to the land, but now do not pay much attention to it, "what is it like to grow up with it". However, Liu Jiandong said, at home, even if it does not make money, it can not make it empty, empty will be the village people joke".

today, whether it is Liu Jiandong or 80, 90 Wang Guozhi, from the ancestors had the survival of land is more and more far. For them, the more familiar way of life is to walk in the city, looking for a job to earn money, if not to make money, then another.


is no longer like Wang Guozhi came to Beijing, to see the world and to endure low wages. At the age of 23, he started to put the wedding on the agenda, and in the home of a good many back to the pro.

Wang Guozhi said that in their hometown, the premise of a real car, need to give the woman over 100 thousand cailiqian. They were after the generation of the generation of family planning to hold tight, a lot of people are pregnant to check the gender, just want a boy, leading to the local men and women less.

this allows to marry a wife's work more difficult, the man's economic conditions require more and more high. Wang Guozhi to earn money as the first goal to find a job. But as the economic pillar of the family, most of the 80 East team, this goal has never changed.

, like Liu Jiandong, more than and 30 years old, married, has a wife and children to go to school, is typical of the team. They have a monthly rent of 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan price of the car, and some car is a fellow loan to buy their own, the price between 80 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan. Rental car comes with Beijing license and insurance, the villagers will need to buy a car to rent a Beijing license, 13000 yuan a year, and then pay 4000 yuan a year to pay the premium.

the vast majority of people put their wives and children at home, 28 year old Zhao Nong is one of the few to bring a wife together in Beijing. He bought the car in July and August this year, 100 thousand yuan of public Lang Yi, loans fifty thousand or sixty thousand, and now 5400 yuan per month, to be a full year.

room, Zhao Nong edge with a mobile phone to open a live. He said, this live on a day, you can get 100 yuan of subsidies, do not do anything, open the line on the line. "

Zhao said that the subsidy will certainly live on the subsidy will be slow, with those net about car subsidies. At the beginning of the open network about the car, there is no thought that one day might be lost? A problem thrown out, next to Liu Hua grabbed the voice said, did not expect so soon, thought that the subsidies will last at least a year, did not expect a few months down "think".

network about cars spread the news of the new deal before they drive every day time in thirteen hours. Liu Jiandong said, because the car is too large, almost every day in the first ten hours are in the car for the loan, insurance and oil, the next three or four hours to earn money is their own.

almost everyone will try to open some time. Get up at 7 in the morning, at 12 in the evening to go home, is the norm of their work. The day that the vehicle is limited is their day off.

like Beijing? Liu Jiandong said: "like what ah like, not in order to earn one or two money. "From the first half of the year to drive, he pulled thousands of passengers. Liu Jiandong hasn't made a friend in Beijing. In his eyes, the people of Beijing and not to worry about, car car, fuel oil, and they only farm subsidies.

free time, Liu Jiandong and fellow are also almost not how to go to other places in Beijing, driving almost their only contact with the Beijing. Thirteen hours a day driving time down, they are terribly fatigued back home to sleep, and they felt, had been out of the age, the body burden is too heavy. Beijing, home to make money ah, "Liu Jiandong said." you go out for what is not to make money, if not to make money, rather than stay at home. Several fellow said, but not afraid of hardship, can make money on the line.


now, this is the only link in the wind and rain sway. Liu Hua said that after the new deal, everyone is very flustered. Before, he went out at 7 every morning to drive, the car wash every day, every day wipe. Now, a good mood to pull, sometimes didn't get up till 10, not motivated at all. At noon to see fellow Qi Qi, Liu, lying in bed with a mobile phone to see Shen Kui, vice president of the Law School of Peking University in a net about car deal Seminar on the floor.

Shen's voice came from the mobile phone: "at present in Beijing city network about cars and the draft rules, with the five principles there may be conflicts or inconsistencies in the … …" Qi Shihui stared at the screen of the mobile phone, someone for their driver to speak, think that at least there is a psychological comfort, comfortable.

legal experts, then there is no use, the policy will not change? He's not in the bottom of his heart.

is not the end of the heart is not only Qi Shihui. Today, the WeChat team Dadong group more quiet, people began to find another way. Has been looking for a courier work, there are people who want to buy a few months to sell the car, more fellow is still in the sidelines, while looking for new work, while from time to time out to pull a few.

when driving, they are most worried about is the fishing law enforcement". Living with Qi Shihui Guo Fang said that he had a friend, two days before the opening of a local time, was fishing law enforcement, fined 3000 yuan. In order to prove that this is true, he took out the pictures of the receipt.

but the net about car driver is their ideal job? Liu Jiandong and Qi Shihui repeated several times: "ideal career … … … …;" and then said, "Hi! No ideal, the key is to make money on the line. "

Liu Jiandong asked:" can we talk about the ideal life, without food or drink do not talk about, right? "

Liu Jiandong and Qi Shihui don't have any plans for the future. But their consensus is that now can not return to rural areas, rural areas do not earn money, there is no living space, have to stay in the city to have the opportunity.

China's cities are becoming bigger and bigger, but for the town, this is not enough. In 2015, China's urbanization rate reached 56.1%. China's urbanization rate will be the city's resident population, which means that as long as more than half a year in the city, will be included in the statistics. Dadong team villagers, may have been regarded as the urban population.

however, this does not mean that they are city people. Household registration system is still an important means of allocation of social resources, from education, employment, medical care to the pension, household registration is almost throughout all the major aspects of the life of a common man. If the household registration rate calculation, the urban population is only 39.9% China. Vice President

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Cai Fang said in a forum, China urbanization, there are about 25% migrant workers is a contribution, and let the foreign population to live, let go, must carry on the reform of the household registration system, to achieve the people of migrant workers.

Qi Shihui is one of the few people in the team who have been in contact with social security, he was working in a factory in Beijing, the factory gave him a period of time to buy social security. However, Liu Jiandong and Wang Guozhi are not clear "five social insurance and one housing fund" from where they thought for a moment, say the housing provident fund and medical, pension insurance. Then Wang Guozhi said, "it feels no use for him.". Perhaps Qi Shihui also has the ideal, that is to become the Beijing people. He said to Liu Jiandong, the people of Beijing to do next life, the net worth of millions more is born -- indeed some stranger's view of Beijing, although used to describe all the people of Beijing is not fair. However, Liu Hua think the most sad is that, if you can continue to open network about cars, but also slowly think of ways to improve revenue, but now, the key is not to let foreigners do, just a little hope that no".

recently, a friend gave him an offer to pick up a family of children to school life, every morning at half past five in the morning to pick up the child, and then seven points from the South six ring arrived in Jianguomen near the primary school. Pay 120 yuan per day, 60 kilometers back and forth, the oil costs themselves.

of a Beijing local people, "Beijing Beijing" the policy is not affected, only need to change a better car, and 32 fellow of Liu Hua and Jiro team, change can not solve the problem, and for household registration? Seems out of reach.

they live in the village of the South six ring, wandering in the edge of the city, a change, they can easily subvert their lives, cut off their links with the city. And the home of the land, as if no longer have to go back.

(required to be interviewed, in addition to Liu Jian Wai, the names of the characters in the text are a pseudonym)

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