Fan Bingbing want to marry Li Chen photos enough to prove!

Li Chen Fan Bingbing think more enough

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-23 10:38:55

" Fan Bingbing a person in the entertainment circle alone for so many years, although the scandal broke, but her boyfriend admitted that in addition to black Li Chen was only a Wang Xuebing. Fan Ye and Li Chen since the day of the announcement of love, received a lot of blessings, but also much controversy. Class=

before there are people on the Internet exposure of the two people's marriage room, do not know the good thing is close? What a great black when the Fan Ye marry?

" in fact since the announcement of romance that day, Fan Bingbing Li Chen's true love, like their age, is certainly deliberate will choose announced romance, and Fan Ye in front of strangers is usually overbearing.

" only together with Li Chen, only seconds shy little woman, Fan Bingbing Li Chen helped her to fall when the smiling face, is simply sweet.

" two people laugh the most sweet moment, full of charming sweet, so shy Fan Bingbing you will rarely see, have to say, this is the power of love.

" two people to stand together hand in hand, genuine and sincere looks completely out, Fan Bingbing seems to really want to marry Li Chen! Fan Bingbing was such a small woman's side, so users can refer to this fan is warm!

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