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shangxueyuan· 2016-04-25 17:19:06

in Tesla alone Show the leading pure electric vehicles, the traditional manufacturers also have the automotive industry "electric"; from the oil electric hybrid to the outside filled oil electric hybrid, battery capacity is more and more, the fuel will be large area is replaced by the power is the automobile industry reached a consensus.

"BYD's mission is the future all the oil in automobile industry link with electric replace", BYD founder Wang on the eve of the Beijing auto show BYD brand Festival said. In the event, BYD released another series on the Chinese ancient dynasty named "Yuan", and breath launched including traditional version and the oil electric hybrid version, which said BYD dual-mode version, number of models. At the press conference, BYD was sworn in to do the automotive industry, "electric" process leader.

in addition, at the Beijing auto show, previously has been vigorously promote and popularize the oil electric hybrid Toyota, began to focus on building in oil filling type electric hybrid car, battery capacity will increase, compared to the fuel position will also more and more important, "in the future, including hydrogen fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles Toyota exploration plan, Toyota has always been the pursuit of" is the pursuit of clean, Toyota China R & D center, general manager of opin said.

auto industry overall "electric", technology status will be further reduced and mixed the fuel position in the oil and electricity, the automotive industry consensus.

electric vehicle development, was first spread is industry chain upstream of the engine, gearbox and other main components. These components will by the energy storage battery, fuel battery, a motor and a car charger and so on parts to replace, it is estimated that fuel auto parts will lose 50% of the market share. In addition, around the automobile electric charging facilities and charging facilities around the "derivative economic circle will rise; in addition to the vehicle charging pile outside and around the vehicle maintenance and car rental services will with the continuous rise of the electric car and become more dynamic; around before in fuel automobile manufacturers repair station surrounding a series of services, will be transferred to the charging around the pile, its services will be with electric trend upgrade.

in addition to Tesla attention to signs of pure electric vehicles, most manufacturers still is given priority to oil electric hybrid car of new energy resources; under the trend of electric, the major manufacturers increased marketing efforts to expand the scope of competition, industry all the original boundary become more and more blurred, and because most automobile manufacturers to provide a hybrid electric vehicle, the field of technology and R & D objectives similar, this would push the automotive industry within the manufacturers alliance between, "vertical and horizontal".

as far as possible in order to shorten the development cycle, reduce the investment risk, and as soon as possible to establish industry standards after the new technology was born, joint development cooperation between enterprises of the industry The current common practice, and has formed a "vertical and horizontal" under the background of "camp", such as GM, BMW and Daimler, joint development and sharing of hybrid system.

in addition to manufacturers within the industry between joint development, due to the battery technology in the process of electric automobile is more and more important position, some manufacturers choose their mastery of the core technology of the vehicle battery, such as Tesla and BYD; others such as Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers to start and battery companies to set up a joint venture company, Toyota and Panasonic, Nissan and NEC, Mercedes Benz and South Korea's SK are is so; other battery companies are directly involved in the development of the body.

car" intelligent "is also accompanied by electric and another process, EV and FCV led to a large number of charging station and hydrogen stations and other new infrastructure needs, at the same time, the development of car networking and IT enterprises have set foot in the car, the car and the car screen as Internet Co made an important entrance of users, especially the music as such as Internet companies will also as its focus on the needs of users, the so-called" ecosystem "to create the perfect experience of end to end an important part, it puts forward new requirements the traditional automobile manufacturers network service capacity, exacerbated by the cooperation between enterprises and cross boundary between automobile and non automobile enterprises of automobile enterprises. The typical example is the Alibaba and Changan, music, as with the cooperation of Martin Aston.

the Beijing auto show, Toyota in in charge hybrid force direction, BYD to use "electricity" replace all with "oil" link, Tesla launched a substantial reduction in the price of the model 3 debut, music as a LeSEE automobile also ushered in the first show; traditional and new Jin manufacturers each have each play, we pay close attention to the common.

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