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Sun Yang recruit instructor entertainment star

fenghuangyule· 2016-10-24 08:35:01

Sun Yang

Beijing on October 22nd news, last night, Sun Yang in a reality show debut. For the first time into the camp Sun Yang handsome Air Force flight suit, became a recruit. Although in water easily, but for military training in the land, Sun Yang is obviously not good, Sun Yang even said he would rather swim ten thousand meters".

as one of eight military trainees, Sun Yang and other seven people in Chinese belonging to the people's Liberation Army Airborne special forces commandos Thor undergoing rigorous military training. On the way to go, just returned from Brazil to record the program Sun Yang also naive that it will not be very tired: the first day into the barracks and the first day into the national team, not too tired. "Obviously, this is just a naive idea of Sun Yang, behind the training proved, at least for him, the national team training to be more relaxed.

Sun Yang in the performance of the program is relatively more casual, of course, this has also been the criticism of the instructors. Including self introduction laugh, brought by the instructors criticized the &hellip disc and so on; … but in the experienced instructors began sanbanfu, Sun Yang gradually adapt to the military atmosphere.

in the measured height and weight of the link, Sun Yang's true height and weight is also exposed, height of 1 meters 975, weight 95.4 kg. Just because of the time difference in return, Sun Yang behind the link in just 2 minutes and sit ups 91, and the same time, Jiang Jinfu has made 130. Even to push up test, tired of Sun Yang even dizziness can only rest.

however, Sun Yang in the program is still reflected in his lovely funny side. He pretended to be seriously questioning the instructor a question: "the first day you came all down? "When the instructor said his" six month career recruits never did clothes ", Sun Yang also contributed verse:" I have never done the swimming trunks. "Listen to this, has always been serious instructors did not actually live, the corners of the mouth smiled, and next to the students is laughing so hard.

obviously, such military training life to give Sun Yang very deep impression, last night he also in his micro-blog wrote: "the water in a dragon, the land becomes stay sprouting … … who said?" No problem. This is a strange place, never adapt to the adaptation, from the water to swim ten thousand meters to fall in love with this body armor. "

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