India baby is patriarchal plastic bag thrown sidewalk

India baby girl sidewalk plastic bag

tengxunguojixinwen· 2016-10-24 13:04:48

" according to BBC reports, is located in the India India Medical Science Research Institute of Delhi (AIIMS) received an abandoned on the roadside girl last week. The baby girl was found on the sidewalk by a passer-by who reported to the police. After police arrived and found the baby girl was encased in a plastic bag, wearing no clothes, crying badly. At this point is a little, the temperature is very low, the police will be wrapped in a baby girl, and quickly sent her to the full India Academy of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). (please indicate the source, please pay attention to more international Tencent WeChat news public, "sweet and sour".) (from: Tencent International News)

AIIMS said:" when she was sent to the cold, very low blood sugar. We didn't know anything about her. We did all the tests. "Now that her body has been restored, AIIMS has also been vaccinated for the baby girl. Surgeon Sankar said, "this is our child. She now has second lives. "(from the Tencent International News)

"now this is the baby's physical condition is very good, often to the medical staff to smile. She wore a bracelet on her wrist. It said, "the girl with no name". The next few days, all the results have come out after the inspection, the baby girl will leave AIIMS, was sent to the local children's welfare center. If you can't find her biological parents, the welfare center will find an adoptive family to accept her and give her a home. (from: Tencent International News)

" in India was reported in the newspapers the girl's story, now AIIMS has received a telephone, there are people who want to adopt her, some people want to give her money. Doctor Kamal said: "we contacted the nearby maternity hospital, looking for birth records about this baby girl. It seems that her parents don't want her, maybe they already have a few daughters, no longer want a girl. "(from the Tencent International News)

"said Dr. Kamal AIIMS will be a year to receive 4 to 6 abandoned baby girl, which made him feel very sad. "India's female athletes have won prizes at the Olympic Games. But at the same time a lot of girls like garbage packed in plastic bags, discarded in the street. People actually have such a double standard. "(from the Tencent International News)

"in India society, most people have long more love boy. They think that the boy can pass on the family name, but also can take care of their parents when they grow up. But the girl grow up to marry, home is the dowry. This concept leads to a very high rate of abortion in India. According to recent statistics, every 1000 boys were born at the same time, only 918 of the baby girl was born. India's prime minister, Moodie, also called on people to stop killing the baby girl last year to get the girl to receive education. But it seems to have little effect, the concept of the people has not changed. (from: Tencent International News)

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