The frog prince, then no overbearing president!


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a few days ago, the streets of Lijiang are packed containment, because the two person body appeared!

" yes, is Cyndi Wang and Ming, see these photos, instant tears ran a wood there ah! "Heaven's wedding" in Tao Aiqing and Cheng Hainuo finally with the box!

not mistaken, "Heaven's wedding gown" has been 12 years, but two people again, CP is so strong.

" when carrying the baby Heino locomotive, and stood beside him.

" when Tao Aiqing will be at a loss what to do subconsciously looking for people, and sat with her.

" here, many 00 is still in the face Meng force, do not know who is Ming, but I believe that like the same girl after 90, 80 must have many to say to him, then Taiwan idol drama actor he is contracted, absolutely not too much.

" in the "prince changes frog" "magicians of love" Sakura No "3 plus 1", is the screen TV prime time.

" how many innocent girls, because these TV delayed an examination of Tsinghua University! In the play, as a small meat acting Ming gang gang! Especially his overbearing president, who had not drunk under his black trousers!

". Now although there has been little in dramas, and was also slightly overweight, but in the hearts of his sister, in the Chinese idol long road of development, but the milepost type benchmark!

the first person" overbearing president, acting 100 street

to throw meat on the photos let you feel what is really overbearing president, why ten years now looks so nice movie!

shouted security, the eyes are very play!

orbital ultra deep meditation, a slight frown, it seems that the whole world in his hands.

depressed drink feet on the table, a hand grabbed the sofa, a hand holding the cup, each frame out screenshots reveal deep hormone. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" girlfriend is not good, not a word to throw her to go to bed.

overbearing president kissing, but also so input, while reading this section of sister cheeks flushed ~~~

and others, man ultra super fierce eyes the!

was little sister would like in the future will not have such a man as my head ~~

of the president handed out standard is also essential! Car + welcome team, get off to a foot is absolutely close-up, such circumstances there are many in the idol drama, let's look at the present version, almost two meters field action smooth and clean, five!

again to see Roy Chiu Tse, said many are nonsense, their contrast it "img_box" id= "~

look at the road wearing sunglasses what feel, this is the real overbearing President ah!

and Show Luo … well, very cute ~

, of course, overbearing president and leader of the cold light field is not enough, the lines are very important a part of this control is to be ~. The typical characteristics of overbearing president. ↓

"the crucial moment does not give up, it will become desperate hope. "

this is full of chicken soup taste of the line is also the motto of the adolescent girl!

" yet another strong man would have a soft side, play father died in his arms, Ming cry piercing a sad, to the extreme, don't cry sound much, face how ferocious, but the mouth will be uncontrolled seizures, such a state, do!

the crying scene let little sister Lenovo to "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in Shen meizhuang after the death of Sun Li, that hardly wished to live. crying scene, facial expression is not similar?

a lot of people don't need to say what my idol drama acting, laugh and cry on the line, you do not think so, the performance of many levels of Ming cry, really bad! For example,

this unyielding, stubborn tears.

apart &darr

>[looked up a cry, every twinkle and smile, to see the level of wood.

Ming acting practice manual, so he made you fight?

let the fire Ming idol drama "prince changes frog", is the second movie of the ming.

as long as the Ming an appearance, the barrage became so, full screen overflow girl heart ↓

", but in fact, from the actor's perspective, he was really the first time ~

pretty fight kiss, by the director at present completely not on the spot, the screen in the old driver image. Class= img_box "

", but fortunately, the play can be a play, until all the people are satisfied with the.

he does not trick "play" out, but "do" come out, with his theory is:

since the kiss to really connect, then why hit you want to play it? That's not fair.

chili sauce, really eat!

" to shoot a bus stop in front of his camera, in order to more real, has advised the driver don't worry at him hit the good, I will go dancing.

" and this drama, sister impressed Ming dragged play when others are advised him to be careful not to bump at the end of. Ming said to force a little, this is true.

" took a lot of time, and finally achieve real effect, the head smashed countless times.

" in the Ming prior actor, he is a director, presided over the program on "adventure king", for two years, he traveled almost more than half of the world wonders of danger, sometimes used to describe a school. The rope is too long, the entire upper body when Ming bungee fell into the water. ↓

a Ming move ahead, behind a two m ice hit came towards him, but he ran in a timely manner.

his hard earned him the Golden Bell Award "educational information show host award".

is his professionalism, let him get the TV appreciation, thereby opening the idol in his future career.

in the name of love, do not forget the early heart

with Taiwan idol drama in the doldrums, Ming appeared in public the frequency is reduced, some time ago, so even exposed a news ↓

so the former idol brother down???

" in recent years, Ming screen works less, because he will focus to their own scenes, when the boss opened the work room, these artists are their studio.

" according to Taiwan media reports, his annual income broken billion or properly properly ~

so we do not worried about his economic situation.

" so, why he went to the streets to sell sweet potatoes?

is because the Ming mother bought a lifetime of dried fish and potatoes, after the old is restless, and Ming don't trust her, so also to sell out.

" so handsome son behind the umbrella, mother must be very proud of it "~

" although it was already a big star, but still don't mind. Set up a stall in the street, because from the age of 11 he started to buy dried fish ~ occasionally he will meet fans to ask for a photo, Ming also quipped: "the first to buy a sweet potato and then beat oh. "

"until now he is very difficult to change in the market to form the habit, such as in the studio when filming eat lunch he will sit on the ground for dinner. ↓

" so, for so many years, he is still very modest, not entertainment brightly coloured confused, still put themselves as an ordinary person ~

and mother live still as before, saw her hair the arrangement will help.

" Ming Tao now wish is very simple, is to let her mother not to worry about money, hope that she will hold to the sun.

" in the entertainment scene of debauchery but never get love for this speculation, an idol is not easy.

" sister searched news, Ming called "gossip girl" is nothing more than to work with him idol drama actress Joe Chen, Cyndi Wang, Yang Yazhu and Joanne Zeng et al. For these "gossip", stated a principle: don't talk about!

" however, tell you a secret, my sister learned Ming has had a steady girlfriend, Ming mother also praised her "looks quite beautiful, looks for the future daughter-in-law children are satisfied with the marriage point the day and await for it. Yo ~

"life experience all the Ming said such a words, you feel very reasonable, out to share with you today as the

because of the growing environment, I used the world with low angle see, stand at the bottom to see, each station down a bit, see the world is big, the more people here. Point.

they let me see the original can not see, understand the original do not know, through each pair and I met the eyes, I saw a myriad of world.

sister sincerely hope all the same way and, in life on the road of the people working hard can harvest their own happiness ~

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