Is a coincidence or fate? The woman who is in love with the cat loves the cat.

Li Chen God or a woman

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is a coincidence or fate? Li found the Chen love women love cats!

online just have a gossip topic curious, is about Zhang Xinyu and Fan Bingbing.

10" on Sept. 22, Zhang Xinyu in the online drying out a group of adorable cat photos, and wrote: "Doug, I still miss you". In the photo, the cat Doug in various shapes, very cute.

" in this regard, the "heart" of the netizens immediately associate love sun in the online home cat Fan Bingbing, plus Fan Bingbing and Zhang Xinyu Li Chen because of disputes, put this "coincidence" together, said: "this is the two of you on the bar? "

if not mistaken, in addition to Zhang Xinyu, Fan Bingbing cat, Li Chen previously dated girl even gossip girl also love cats:

Niu Mengmeng had friends broke the news, Li Chen's true love is not seventeen years old" cry "in Niu Mengmeng, Li Chen starred in the play because inside janning become thousands of girls idol. Class= img_box "

" Li Xiaolu

Li Chen and Li Xiaolu had also had a feeling. 2002 "Thirteen space" is the first cooperation between Li Chen and Li Xiaolu, because of the play, the two person's love affair also from this exposure. According to the circle of people revealed that the relationship of Li Chen and Li Xiaolu lasted for many years, Li Chen was also in love for Li Xiaolu in the thigh stabbed on a "Lu". Li Chen and Li Xiaolu's relationship in the entertainment circle of friends placid, their attention is not too much, but this does not affect the degree of understanding between two people. But then two people because of busy work, feeling out of touch and break up. 2010 media mouth cheap asked Li Xiaolu, Li Chen also poor Baba replied: do not say does not mean to forget".

Zhao Zhuona

Zhao Zhuona and Li Chen met in Southeast TV entertainment programs "run for love" in the two match, rujiaosiqi, alternate good, match success, also known as "the history of the most romantic sweet a pair of lovers", and also really romantic and sweet for quite a while, but once the development about marriage, Li Chen had sent a large number of heart-shaped stone to Zhao Zhuona for marriage, Nana had almost moved to tears, until Han Han suddenly broke into Nana's life, two people break up.

Mo Xiaoqi

2012, in "Beijing love story" propaganda, the scene fan asked Li Chen: "do you think Mo Xiaoqi is cute or beautiful Liyan Tong?" Li Chen is very honest, I think … … Mo Xiaoqi, the beautiful "a scene in an uproar, Li Chen quickly added:" I say that Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng is not beautiful with me ". Mo Xiaoqi and Li Chen are not only friends, and they grew up together is small, feelings do not need good people say. Period of two people are like the people, but also repeatedly broke up, so the scene two people repeatedly met asked them to be together.

" Xinyi Zhang

also hit "Beijing love story", Xinyi Zhang and Li Chen scandal was also rampant, two times the rumor there are still people believe their feelings extraordinary.

see here, feel everything is coincidence or fate?

can only say that Li Chen is a very kind-hearted man, he itself is also love cats, he may also want to choose a woman she is kind, lovely, and from the perspective of animal psychology, a cat woman will not go bad, because it is a symbol of docile cat considerate. Just think, Li Chen is really a heart, just like his love with heart-shaped stone to send his girlfriend the same, in his heart, for persistent love even if not! However, the fate of this thing only to go to the last to know the edge of the shallow edge of it?

said Li Chen eyes is more unique, in addition to the love of a public scandal girlfriend love cats, they also belong to the same type of woman: chest awl face beauty. Is not the envy of a single dog?

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