Moses Chan and his wife Chen Yinwei sweet sweet tour Venice

Moses Chan Venice couple whiskers

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-25 07:14:49

" Moses Chan Chen Yinwei

10 on the evening of 24, Aimee Chan and Moses Chan have the sun through the micro-blog Venice photos, and wrote: "In Venice with sweet my sexy Italian boyfriend... , with my 'Italy' boyfriend in the romantic Venice.... "In addition to upload photos, a picture of the view, two people of husband and wife is more sweet photo provoked onlookers, Moses Chan wore sunglasses and beards, holding the camera self timer, and Aimee Chan white hat with a white coat, skin white, sweet smile, a pair of birds in the appearance of people lying in Chen Haohuai, the picture is very warm and happy.

users to see photos, have gathered in a message, said: "to see you so happy you feel good! Your boyfriend in Italy is a little handsome! "Handsome boyfriend … … beautiful woman! It is reported that "

, 2011 Moses Chan and Aimee Chan two people for war" and "heart beat feelings warming, the development of lovers, in May of the same year both sides acknowledged the affair, in June 12, 2013 Chen Yinwei Moses Chan and micro-blog announced in December 5, 2013, officially married, Moses Chan upgrade when Dad, a son. In April 2016 April 28th Aimee Chan's agent announced the evening of third babies have been born, not yet released the sex of the child.

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