360 cloud disk down, Baidu cloud can fight how long?

Baidu cloud disk really want to apple

fenghuangkeji· 2016-10-25 07:25:32

last week, a network of cloud disk community service -- crashing to the Internet four years of the 360 cloud disk will end in February next year. Small make up just think some people engage in bad fun news, but go home to open a cloud disk read, a large transformation bulletin posted on the interface, it is found that all this is true.

regardless of future storage industry how to estimate as many as the editor on free SkyDrive people will take into account the unit is TB storage resources in the future decide on what path to follow. The two major domestic network disk has fallen a Baidu cloud to fight a lone battle can support how long? We should all shut down the face of SkyDrive do what kind of response?

  360 bulletin

Personal Edition cloud disk close to enterprise development, for the 360 cloud disk itself is to collect fees mode, one can continue to maintain the existing server operation secondly, all about se, pirated files can be 100 percent to pay, just to provide services for enterprises to save the data type, to minimize the loss of their own. But

said the loss in fact for many ordinary users, they have just put some of their daily data placed in SkyDrive, never stepped in to copyright or other law does not allow the boundary. It is because some of the relatively bad users, they will therefore the gun, all perish. Who are all included? 115 SkyDrive, HUAWEI SkyDrive, sina SkyDrive, UC SkyDrive, fast thunder disc, spared.

so, these domestic SkyDrive have "finished", in the end is not the word "SkyDrive" will go down in history as the pages? Not a. Such as Google Drive (foreign Google drive), OneDrive (Microsoft, SkyDrive), iCloud Drive (Apple cloud service) to a certain extent, is called the carrier can rely on the network data storage. But relative to the domestic several free services giants, they do not seem to have the charge to buy the capacity of domestic Internet users. In my own case, Google SkyDrive only ten free capacity of GB, to tell the truth to store the file is limited.

  < /p>

from the Baidu cloud micro-blog Internet giant one of its 360 cloud disk down we can see that SkyDrive seems to play more than playing the other Internet products test of luck. The financial Qihoo 360 one, Mr. Zhou Hongyi once said that for all Internet users almost unlimited cloud storage space without pressure. Even if the above command issued a rectification, the staff of SkyDrive to program and manual audit efforts, but also can barely hold the past.

but I think, for businessmen to make ends meet. Why insist? The number of users believe that the famous well-known Qihoo 360 already do not care, now facing difficulties and the majority of people called "say no" have no conscience, so hard to withstand the enormous pressure to provide cloud service for users of what you get?

I think actually it is not against "above" anti pornography rectification command, SkyDrive all was the day won't come so soon. SkyDrive manufacturers since the "burned" to purchase and maintain server and broadband money, will be able to recharge by virtue of membership and advertising money to survive. After all, SkyDrive audio and video files to death or fuse we often "car" and most of the existence of a copyright dispute. Although SkyDrive claims

Baidu will continue to offer personal SkyDrive services, but that does not support too long, even if users are willing to recharge a belief, want to see what? The trend is in front of me.

things have come to this step, blame who can not change anything. Although the 360 cloud disk from the formal end of day and in a few months, but it seems that we should imagine "fear", basically in the past few days 360 cloud disk are very difficult to sign up. These days the 360 cloud disk server instantly tumbled, the scene did not want an estimated 360 when there is such a fire, but was shut down on the eve.

download the data back again passed up has not been stopped using the Baidu SkyDrive is not wise, at most to be able to help you, but you look down upon the mechanical hard disk (HDD). Although it is very outdated mechanical hard disk outdated product line, but for the current document from the 360 SkyDrive recall of enormous capacity it is the most practical products.

if you feel that your information is simply the required storage, buying a mobile hard drive is the best choice. In the same 1TB, for example, the electricity suppliers are basically in the price of 350-400 yuan between, although good, but you still can not afford to buy the 1TB capacity of the solid state drive. Mechanical drive slow speed is slow, 4K write poor performance is poor, but still wins in the cheap ah! If the information is really too much, then it is recommended to directly buy 2TB or 3TB capacity, the price is higher. As for the choice of the brand or look at the personal preferences, and said more will be all of you.

" as to why I do not recommend mobile SSD, the reason is really only a super expensive. Solid state hard disk popular in recent years, and there has not been a significant price decline trend. The author moved bricks for several years, the only time in black on a black Friday to buy a 240GB capacity of MLC particulate solid hard disk. Just imagine, relying on solid state disk to store information, it can do only soil trench.

as for the majority of Internet users to build their own NAS server, I think there is an interest in friends can try, but not respected. NAS is the technical requirements of the higher work finished, NAS price is not low, assemble their own and climb the toss (this really the best treatment plan according to the actual situation of each person concerned), non technical house it is difficult to achieve. in fact, hundreds of yuan to buy a mobile hard disk for general users is not much of a sum of money, the key is easy. Data in their own side, no longer need to support network cloud disk to live.


, in fact, the personal version of the network cloud disk have fallen also gives us such a revelation: the more documents, the easier it is, the more will not be cherished. Think about ten years ago, a set of ordinary professional software tutorial to go to the bookstore to buy books, books will be attached to the CD-ROM for learning to use. But now? Many a treasure a few dollars you can get hundreds of GB capacity at home and abroad elite lecturer teaching materials, do you think yourself in SkyDrive will take to learn?

wake up boy. Really want to do one thing, stress is the attitude of their own and whether there is perseverance. Some things never change, just become more lazy people more hypocritical. If you don't believe it, try to see the files in the cloud, and how many of you really think it's worth keeping.

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