Children in the end a few years old kindergarten is the most appropriate? What ability do you have to have before you go to the kindergarten?

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also returned to the problem of children in kindergarten how old are appropriate?

one parent originally intended to be 03 months two years old children to the kindergarten, but the children themselves don't pee pants, he worried that his son is young, sent earlier to illness, so decided to wait until next year will be sent to the son kindergarten. Can be a colleague's child, less than two years old was sent to the kindergarten, and soon learned to eat their own.

" the parents tangle, how old children in kindergarten?

some people say that 3 years of age, some people say that 2 and a half weeks can be sent. It is generally believed that the children sent to the kindergarten, the sooner the better, you can let the children contact with the crowd, in advance to adapt to the environment, the more outrageous is to let the children learn the knowledge in advance.

parents, these are your thoughts, is your wish, you have no standing on a child's perspective for children to think? Think of the child's body can bear? Think about the child's psychological and bear?

experts said: the psychological endurance of child admission early enough, and to explain the drawbacks of premature send their children to kindergarten together with the kindergarten event.

satisfied (a pseudonym) two years and zero or one months, because the parents are at work, no time to take care of him. Then to the kindergarten class hosting triumphantly.

later, cried triumphantly in the kindergarten and throat inflammation, resulting in a cold, have a fever, cough. To this end, spent more than half a month. Yangyang mother distressed child, can only let triumphantly back garden.

said the medicine, about two year old children is their resistance to the weakest, but also did not establish intimate relationship between mother and child and mother, mother also need continuous care, if the child prematurely when separated from their parents, easy to cause the child psychology of autism. Because of their psychological, not yet mature enough to be separated from their parents, no ability to adapt to the group life alone. So it is not recommended that parents send their children to nursery school too early, so as not to have a negative impact on children's emotional development in the future.

when each child admission will have some anxiety, but if a two week Bandou to children to kindergarten, not only is not good, will enhance the child's anxiety, affect the mental health of children development.

" in addition, late admission is not conducive to the cultivation of

ability of children about children should be sent to the kindergarten, some parents will put forward the opposite view, think a little earlier is better, or the children will eat late admission loss.

a parent said that at the time of the child's grandfather and grandmother especially pet children, said the children in the kindergarten, the teacher is little, the child can not get good care, they want their own. Until the child is 4 years old, parents see children in kindergarten will recite some poems, but also English, while their children are elderly pet will only play, can't speak Mandarin standard. So, quickly put the child to the kindergarten.

like it belongs to the late children park.

" on the kindergarten should have basic ability of what

so what time can after all is said and done, send their children to kindergartens? It is actually very simple, to a certain age, children are more or less will take care of themselves, for example, toilet wash your hands, wear shoes and socks etc.. And this is the age of the age of three years of age children.

or through the above example to infer that three years of age is the most appropriate to send the child to the kindergarten. But some parents received 3 years old children in kindergarten, but also feel the general each one sticks to his own view, kindergarten age requirements, it does make sense, too early or too late to have shortcomings.

the author of his many years of work practice that as long as the children have a simple life self-care ability, and can speak their own wishes, you can go to the kindergarten. Easy to take care of oneself is to say, the child can take off pants, can take off a shoe. Say their own will, that is, the child can express their desire to go to the toilet and other needs.

experts said, the child is 3 years old park is ideal. The children of this age group, the cultivation of their habits is very important. Under the influence of kindergarten teachers' teaching and other children, children's bad habits can be corrected.

must have the basic ability of what kindergarten age into the kindergarten baby best not earlier than two years old, and when you want to put the baby into the nursery, parents need to examine children's self-care ability and expression ability, as follows:

expression study of children body feel ability of discomfort, such as whether the expression of pain, urine, can the expression of thirst, toilet etc.. The baby body discomfort ability is very important, because the kindergarten teacher may not always pay attention to every child, for a child's body and character about no parents so carefully, so the baby needs to have the ability to express can safely kindergarten.

to investigate the baby's self-care ability. The kindergarten is independently exercise the baby stage, baby leave parents in kindergarten, began independent life, the baby needs a certain self-care ability to cope with the basic problems, such as the daily meal, on the toilet, and most of the kindergarten will be in the relative requirements of children's self-care ability, so parents need to foster the children's self-care ability to send the baby to kindergarten before.

to investigate the baby's social skills, know how to "take turns" and the basic rules of collective life, such as the ability to ask others to help solve problems. The kindergarten is in fact the baby began to enter the stage of the society, the baby began to contact with others and self as little baby, no longer like a pearl in the palm family, need to follow the rules of collective life, this is the baby began to be beginning social being. When people in the kindergarten began to socialization, need to follow the order of the society, the baby before kindergarten, parents need to cultivate the baby's social ability, can in the kindergarten and other baby peaceful coexistence.

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