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jiaduobao layoffs spread to deepen the predicament of cost reduction based

source: Beijing

Beijing time financial reporter Yuan Fang Wang Peisong [] on October 25th, after the National Day holiday, second storm layoffs are JDB spreading quietly, following the bottom of factory layoffs after the JDB group start the surgery from the middle department "". Even from the Guangzhou plant to follow jiaduobao headquarters in Beijing established more than and 10 old employees, in the second wave of layoffs have not been spared.

in addition to the reporters that jiaduobao group made 4S processing of Huiyuan Group has stopped six factories under full production line. Beijing time

reporter from jiaduobao headquarters staff officer, layoffs branch while advancing from the Beijing headquarters in the north and northwest, Southern China and other places of sale. Among them, jiaduobao in the northwest region was cut off the first branch into the branch, including administrative, personnel, sales have been disbanded.

is the largest of another wave of unrest in Beijing jiaduobao headquarters in Yizhuang, according to a staff revealed that the HR manager has already find the relevant departments about individual words, respect company is to reduce labor costs. In contact with the reporter more than a few employees, some of the staff have been left in the state, and some others because they did not get a reasonable compensation is applying for labor arbitration.

work in Beijing jiaduobao headquarters for more than ten years of Bai Lu (a pseudonym) is dismissed the layoffs in a storm, because the company did not renew the "non fixed term labor contract", and refused to pay the labor compensation for 2N times, and has applied for arbitration to the Labor Bureau of Beijing City (in accordance with the labor law, the latest the length of more than ten years to sign a non fixed term labor contract, otherwise it is illegal to dismiss). Most can not let Lu understand is that in the company issued proof of departure, and labelled "absent" hat.

distance jiaduobao to finalize the departure date with two months in the sales department for many years, Wen Qiang (a pseudonym) on the back of the sales target beyond twice daily. According to the large area of the manager's conversation, if the automatic separation, the text can get two months of compensation, if not take the initiative to leave, the company will continue to improve the assessment index. A

of more than 25 billion yuan in 2015 sales of the JDB group, in the face of compensation of employees has been evasive about. At the same time from the jiaduobao internal reporter learned that, during the Spring Festival this year, JDB marketing costs will be reduced by 10%.

on behalf of the factory shut down

beset with troubles internally and externally in the first half of this year, JDB in the capital chain tension began. It is reported that the Beijing headquarters had defaulted jiaduobao logistics company debt event, lead to cooperation in the logistics company refused to jiaduobao delivery. As of now, there are a number of suppliers owed no jiaduobao settlement, these suppliers mostly have a long-term relationship with JDB, the amount of arrears between tens of thousands to tens of thousands.

financial predicament also let JDB cooperation super awkward, which, as the core of jiaduobao retail channels, Wumart group each sold 1000 boxes JDB can get 2000 yuan reward, and now these awards was canceled. Wumart group responsible person told reporters earlier in the interview has shown that due to the decline in sales, the group also reduced to jiaduobao procurement.

according to the jiaduobao insider, jiaduobao causes capital chain predicament is due to Hongkong road group stopping, jiaduobao need self financing.

Beijing time, the reporter learned that, at present the group since the end of 2015 after the departure of President Yang aixing, jiaduobao, in the mainland areas of management mainly by Vice President Wang Qiang at the helm, the post of president remains vacant.

it is understood that the JDB group has in Beijing, Dongguan, Shaoxing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Sichuan and other places built more than ten branches, and put into production. Or by the parent company to stop funding impact events, and the decline in market sales, factory of Hangzhou jiaduobao self concentrated juice have been discontinued. In addition, the first to shut down PET (plastic bottles) on behalf of the processing manufacturers.

the beginning of this year, the 4S processing of Huiyuan Group stopped six factories all the production line for the JDB group, including Huiyuan opened factories and factories in Beijing. It is understood that each of these factory processing plants are equipped with 2~3 production lines, production of the single production line of 700 thousand bottles.

once if there is no jiaduobao brilliant and Wang Laoji's trademark infringement case, the glorious history of JDB is likely to continue to rely on the huge advertising and marketing promotion and the world famous brand, in the marketing of the funds has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

since the end of 2003 in the CCTV advertising tender will invest heavily, jiaduobao is a get out of hand, and again in 2005 to buy CCTV prime time TV advertising.

2012, jiaduobao to price of 60 million yuan to obtain "The Voice of China" exclusive naming rights, then the "The Voice of China" second season, third season, JDB has invested 200 million yuan, 250 million yuan exclusive title. 2013, JDB group in the bidding of CCTV 578 million, CCTV third Wang became.

in the sports marketing, JDB group also reflects the long-term strategic vision. In the 2006 World Cup, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2012 London Olympics, 2014 APCE meeting in Beijing and the world cup in Brazil, JDB repeatedly use the sponsorship to strengthen brand effect.

during this period, jiaduobao quickly set up factories in the country, has to build beverage companies in Guangzhou, Sichuan and other places, the amount of investment over billions of dollars. According to the existing

data show that in 2012, JDB annual sales have exceeded 20 billion yuan, while in 2013, JDB group quality management department general manager Pang Zhenguo said in an interview, jiaduobao 2013 sales growth of 20%~30% on the basis of 2012, close to 26 billion yuan. However, according to the data of 2015, JDB sales of 25 billion yuan, from this perspective, the past three years, JDB sales in the state of stagnation and even retrogression. Trademark dispute

trademark has lost a unique formula

"Wang Laoji" brand long-standing, and mentioned Wang Laoji trademark, core character is the key to Wang Jianyi, "Wang Laoji" brand founder Wang Zebang fifth generation female Xuan Sun, honorary chairman of the turbot group plus.

1949, Wang Laoji was divided into two, Guangzhou Wang Laoji herbal tea was classified as state-owned enterprises, while in Hongkong, Wang Laoji is still dominated by the Wang Zebang family.

Beijing time, the reporter learned that, at present, Wang Laoji in Hongkong and overseas trademark belongs to Wang Jianyi and Wang Laoji hold, hold the domestic trademark belongs to the state-owned background gphl.

Wang Jianyi has said publicly that gphl promised to domestic and foreign trademark unified joint venture reverted to Wong Lo Kat Wanglaoji all, but failed to do so. But in the problem formulation, Wang Jianyi has claimed that in early 1992, will teach jiaduobao ancestral recipes use, past, now, future is still.

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