Deputy chief sitting on hundreds of Suites? The investigation has been suspended


jiangnandoushibaoZAK· 2016-10-25 23:07:44

recently, there are users post broke the news, Nanchang high tech District procuratorate duty crime prevention branch deputy chief Xu Linbao and his family name of up to more than and 380 sets of real estate, and with part of the real estate information.

reporter to verify to one of 83 sets of real estate is true, Xu Linbao's nephew, Mr. Chen said, there are more than and 100 houses, real estate loans department profit.

10 month 25 days, the reporter learned that, at present Xu Linbao has been suspended investigation.

"net transfer of Xu Linbao Xu Lin for a resume, nephew said basically true. A screenshot of the

network after reporters linked to Xu Linbao 's nephew, Mr. Chen, he called

, the contents of the net posts not true

Xu Linbao and his family under the name of real estate no more than and 380 sets of so many strong>

but more than and 100 sets of < /

purchase funds from its uncle Xu Linbao was lwop into business

and his aunt Mao Faying many years of business the

network transmission of the Xu Linbao part of real estate, after a preliminary verification is true. A screenshot of the

network after this media exposure, causing widespread concern Netizens feel

10" in the afternoon of 25 March

Procuratorate of Nanchang hi tech Development Zone, micro-blog issued a statement by the official

prior to a cadre of with this amazing property, and high tech District of Nanchang city procuratorate staff

an interview with reporters, said

will inspect the situation

decided whether to draw the higher authorities to intervene in the

or discipline inspection and supervision departments.

comprehensive Southern Metropolis Daily, Nanchang high procuratorate official micro-blog news editor: Wu Jianfeng

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