Guangdong owners Shoufang meng! 4 room directly into the 2 room


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" [this article from the "Meizhou daily livelihood line" WeChat public, released in October 24th, copy the "Meizhou daily livelihood line" can focus on WeChat search. ] before the owners reflect to the people's livelihood brother Wanda Washington said the district currently to Shoufang stage, but many owners found Wanda sold houses, and with the original promotion, is the first payment to the housing in a survey interview, the livelihood of the people who, with you the house is how to "shrink". (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" [the room without doors or windows second balcony] the reporter went to the District, in D5, Mr. Chen's house, an area he pointed to the door said, according to the brochure on the introduction here. Originally a room, but is now more like a balcony. Reporters noted that the so-called double room is not closed, transparent, no door, the interval of a window is arranged outside the railings. Mr. Chen also told reporters that the district provides brochures, above clearly marked the E apartment layout, three bedroom two Wei, a building area of about 115m?". The reporter understands, ready to take Wanda Washington owners of more than and 700 households, the owners met Mr. Chen as well as most of their houses, some 4 rooms to 3 rooms, some are 3 rooms to 2 rooms, even 4 rooms into 2 rooms. Wanda model room is displayed in the room. (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" on behalf of the owners Ms. Wu said, her house is 135.64 square meters, according to the brochure marked in the room is four, but it is room three. "Not only is inconsistent with the brochure, not consistent with the model room of the show. Ms. Wu said that many owners to discuss the problem in the WeChat group, said many people will refuse repossession, developers hope to be able to unified installation of windows, windows and railings outside will be removed. However, Mr. Chen in the city Housing Department's website to see his house information table marked "two rooms". He said that in the purchase of the time, some sales will tell prospective owners, which is the structure of the X+1, and some sales did not say. "My sales just told me that. In addition, the owners also reflected on the floor of the aisle although there are 1.2 meters of railings, but no installation of invisible protective net, there are security risks, developers hope to improve; the area of the apartment layout of the pool area also exists unreasonable phenomenon. (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" [1:1] has not reached a serious shortage of parking spaces in the room becomes less of a problem, the owners also told reporters reflect the district one or two underground parking spaces serious shortage. On behalf of the owners of Mr. Wu told reporters that the developers in the sales that underground parking is 1:1, now one or two parking spaces roughly calculated only more than and 400, while one or two of more than and 700 owners, the proportion of serious shortage. "And the one or two phase of the underground car park and the three phase is not connected, the parking space is narrow, the design of the entrance is not reasonable, easy to cause congestion. "Wu said that the owners have been on behalf of the situation and reported to the developers, developers hope that the one or two phase of the public spaces. (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" [first payment charges] housing owners questioned the owners representative told reporters, developers posted notices that the owners need to pay various fees, and then take the owners to the housing property. The owner Mr. Huang said, "the owners questioned Wanda Washington home inspection process. "See the occupation flow chart reporter posted from the developers, owners in need to submit relevant materials, check the owners information, owners need to pay the fee to pay agency fees and property group housing registration fees, property fees, garbage fees, and fill in the undertaking; in" occupation flow confirmation "sign. To receive gifts and materials, and then by the staff co owners upstairs room. (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" reporter noted that in the payment of real estate agency costs in this series, a lawyer agency fees, fees for 400 yuan / sets. Owners have questioned whether the fees in accordance with the relevant provisions of the standard? Chen said the owners, but also in the decoration for owner occupation, which had to pay during the renovation of facilities maintenance costs 300 yuan per household, decoration garbage fee of 10 yuan / square meter. "Fill in the application materials decoration also charge 10 yuan / sets, is really fantastic. "Mr. Chen said that the owners questioned developers arbitrary charges, we have a great view. (source: Meizhou Daily News)

" [the owners claim the consultations fail] 22 days, many owners spontaneously came to the area sales center, again requiring developers to be a positive response. According to the owners on behalf of, at the beginning of October, on behalf of the owners had a summary of these issues reported to the developers, and developers have been in contact, but the developers were delayed, did not give a positive reply, "it has said the company decided to". On the afternoon of 22, developers and owners representatives again to sit down and negotiate, but once again unsuccessful negotiations. To this end, the reporter contacted the Meizhou Wanda Washington residential developers, to the owners reflect the consulting person in charge, but the developer is responsible for avoiding the question. There are developers staff said: "the company just change the person in charge, is not easy to accept the interview, the day will have a formal public response. "As of press time reporter, the developer has not given a positive response to this matter. (from: Meizhou daily)

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Guangdong owners Shoufang meng! 4 room directly into the 2 room

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