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beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-26 07:08:24

don't know if you noticed, a lot of Red Star even after their home pet together with many popular, such as video in Papi sauce would take his cat photographed together. So we know that she is not only a collection of talent and poor chest in a body, or a cat slave, two cats at home are called big and small.

" and Zhang Jike, the Olympic Games after the fire, his family's pet dog "Dao" also followed into the net red dog, and even their own "Dao universe club". Even with Zhang Jike Douglas watching him play, unlike others playing the stands was sitting.

" of course the most demanding with their pets or popular Wang Sicong, not only early on for their dogs, "king of cocoa" opened micro-blog, but also personally pitched by Wang cocoa tone micro-blog and sun and various luxury travel photos it is the standard, red net style. Think of him as a nickname of the son of the richest man, to Cosplay dog industry little princess every day is too hard, he held his company's artists are not so hard.

" and Jay Chou, don't think he is home only he and small Kunling three weeks, a little princess, Kunling and a pet dog named Magee, is said to be Jay Chou gave her love, two people in Taipei's wedding the ceremony also hold Magee walk the red carpet together. How does she like Magee, she even gave Magee a book called "my good Magee, let me protect you". See Magee this temperament and treatment, it is known that the Jay Chou family with a dog is a little princess.

" Jolin and Jay Chou love the dog, she raised the "Whoo Hoo" bear absolutely is the dog star in the moonlight, each is added up to give it a bath, buy snacks, sent to the training school would cost tens of thousands block. In addition it would also like to accompany Jolin to eat breakfast, start, and even dance, really has been a beautiful and capable dog.

" but when it comes to functional role, cat Fan Bingbing raised more, it not only do their work with pets, but also played a role in emotional series. First, this cat is of course the emotional bond between Fan Bingbing and Li Chen, two people have not married a baby, but this cat is their children, Fan Bingbing not only often in micro-blog to numb himself, after work can not wait to go home with it. And she is drying out a bare arm cat pictures, was sharp eyed Netizens found that this is the hand of Li Chen, and that two people are sweet cohabitation evidence.

" in addition to show loving is a good helper, Fan Bingbing the cat made between her and Mrs. Huang Xiaoming bridge of friendship. Earlier, Huang Xiaoming's mother accidentally in the "whirlwind filial piety" in the words to let everyone know that Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing are neighbors. And Huang Xiaoming home there is a shovel shit officer is Angelababy. The same as the sun cat kuangmo, although baby had also refused to give home because fold sterilized shelling by the netizens, but there is no denying that she is so loved her cat. Fan Bingbing and Huang mother-in-law as can be imagined in topic certainly cannot do without the cat.

" in the entertainment industry such as Fan Bingbing cats can expand the circle of friends also really many, the most typical is Li Xiaolu, Lan Qin, Huo Siyan and their sister group Teddy. Because they had raised Tactic and become good sisters, but then came one after another, the tear forced fell out of the news, along with the time and the extent of popular people away, Yang Mi now exit sister group has become a cat. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p", of course, when it comes to the pet industry is not the most powerful by the master, but with the owner of the red. For example, micro-blog

large memory special vest "is by virtue of a cat a dog: Dragon Boat Festival and numerous Niuniu powder.

" and delicacy blogger "Eclipse", in addition to small fresh style delicacy of his home, he became a pastry adult delicacy sign works. Sometimes you have to feel the aura of cats and dogs, you give them with warm feelings, they return you may be a world.

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