Who helped Luo Yonghao to redeem the pledge to Ali's equity?

Hammer Luo Yonghao equity difficulties

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hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao out of the quality to the Alibaba's 205.38176 stake in the hands of the other does not stay too long. 4 months later, the about 2000000 equity has returned to the hands of Luo Yonghao.

10 month 18, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao in Shanghai, the official release of the Mercedes Benz cultural center M1 series of new products, a time Luo Yonghao and hammer technology to return to the mobile phone circle of public opinion center. Shortly after the conference, GQ issued a hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao in an interview with the manuscript, announced the 500 thousand spot looted. The industry is generally There were many discussions. The hammer M1, said to the foot of the consumer, the sincerity hammer can live …

in June this year, already in the media industry and doubts, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao was dug up by the media which has 205.38176 million shares pledged to the Alibaba, the hammer technology shares the ratio changed from 56.30% to 28.46%, reduced to 27.84% shares have been pledged to some or all of the Alibaba. In short, this is about the nature of the mortgage loan shares, if Luo Yonghao get financing or cash flow within a certain period of time will be part of the mortgage redemption.

" in the third days after the conference, many media noted that Luo Yonghao has pledged to redeem the equity of the Alibaba. We can query to the credit information publicity system of public enterprises nationwide, previously registered in 2016 June a hammer technology Luo Yonghao equity trading information quality of Alibaba Chinese has been modified to "invalid".

M1 sold three days later in the hammer, hammer technology Luo Yonghao will pledge to the Alibaba as part of the shares to the redemption, although it is very reminiscent of some of the media, will also be interpreted as a move to bring the hammer M1 selling cash flow to help Luo Yonghao to regain the mortgage equity, but the specific analysis, these two seemingly related things should be not too big.

" if there is a 500 thousand spot and looted, and perhaps we can calculate a data is 2500 (yuan) average price of mobile phone sales of about 1 billion 250 million * 500 thousand =. However, sales of 500 thousand units that a mobile phone ring in an uproar, for the volume of the hammer technology start-up companies, such a large stocking need to prepare for the capital and risk are tantamount to gambling. then hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao also denied the claims of 500 thousand spot.

50 million units are not on the spot, and do not control how much equity can be exchanged, but the financial strain of the hammer technology itself is true. According to a month ago Chengdu nibilu Polytron Technologies Inc (Tap4Fun) disclosure announcement information, as investors hammer technology announcement hammer technology in 2015 annual loss of 462 million yuan, 192 million yuan loss in the first half of 2016 (2016 semi annual financial audit has not yet).

if the hammer M1 product payment and did not we think so fast, and is less than 500 thousand units sold, then the rule itself products bring cash flow, is likely to be a hammer technology has got the new financing.

Luo Yonghao himself at the end of the hammer M1 conference after a media group interview made it clear that, both investment and acquisition are in talks with some companies, but specific to what the company also relates to the confidentiality agreement not to disclose. This also basically confirms the previous rumors about the acquisition of a hammer technology, whether it is millet, music, as well as industry giants such as Alibaba. According to Tencent

technology to sort out the information, hammer technology had also completed several rounds of financing:

2012 in March, won the angel investor Wu Yongming 9 million yuan investment;

2013 in May, received 70 million yuan A round of investment from purple Hui venture and unfamiliar street;

2014 in April, received 200 million yuan B round of financing from stone investment, Haitong creative capital, venture capital and purple Hui Jun;

2015 in June, obtained the billion level from stone investment, long investment, is also pushing technology, fast travel network and whale capital C round of financing;

Luo Yonghao

in T2 conference startup funds also may be commonplace, the problem is to hammer technology To dispel doubts about the market for the hammer technology itself, continue to invest in new funds. This product in the field of Wu Dezhou to hammer technology, the hammer technology has been discovered introduced a number of senior vice president level join.

with the frequent appearance in social situations, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, in early April of this year, the hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao in Hangzhou and Ma Yun counterparts, and was photographed with Meizu (Alibaba investment) Li Nan shook hands and a time that Alibaba will invest in science and technology and the relationship between the hammer tattle and prate; Luo Yonghao and the music began when Liu Jiangfeng announced as cool group CEO the new conference, not only the Luo Yonghao field station, Liu Jiangfeng has repeatedly frankly appreciate Luo Yonghao, many manufacturers also bidding hammer technology.

but as of now, the hammer technology has not officially confirmed and announced a new round of financing of information. Figure

: GQ, Google

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