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The originator years ago camera social

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in the network broadcast live worldwide now, this was a smash hit "webcast first person", but now rarely used social media, quietly doing a programmer. Class= img_box "

this is the last century in 90s Jennifer Lin Lee to do the picture when the network broadcast.

1996 year, 19 year old American girl Jennifer Linley in the dormitory on the computer to set up a camera. This now seems very simple move, but there is a revolutionary significance at that time - she started a live network of this form. However, 7 years later, Jennifer decided to close their live sites, completely disappeared from the Internet . In the webcast worldwide now, this was a smash hit "webcast first person", but now rarely used social media, quietly doing a programmer.

24 hours live

or freshman freshman, Jennifer accidentally discovered in the school bookstore network camera. She is a computer fan, and immediately bought the camera, it is a very unusual thing: create a personal website "Jeanne ", to the world of strangers live your own life, 24 hour uninterrupted.

in the era of social media prosperity and instant messaging, it is nothing new. For now the network users, the "look at Jeanne" site is actually quite boring: a granular, stationary black and white images appear on the site, after 15 minutes, another black and white screen and then appear.

but don't forget, Jennifer was playing live 20 years ago. At that time, have access to the Internet to dial-up connection and time charges, a better "a few minutes to load out, we are not online shopping or into the net. Before Jennifer, it was a scene of a coffee pot and a fish bowl, but she was the first person to live on the Internet.

although Jennifer broadcast footage is usually an empty house, because she either in class or in the toilet, or look at the computer, sitting on the bed, or washing clothes brushing -- these daily life seems like a slide image, has triggered strong concern: about 4 million people a day to watch she every 15 minutes to upload pictures of everyday life.

now it seems, this live and nothing special. But if you have been sitting in front of the computer to watch, you can connect the life of Jennifer: she sat on the bed wearing boots, this is going out; she was wearing a vest and pants sitting in front of the computer, that will stay in the dormitory chat online. She's a living person on the Internet, just being yourself.

fame and condemnation of the

for fans, Jennifer's appeal lies in her daily. Her website's chat room community is growing fast, and she's going to be there. Jennifer can be close to everyone, is part of the group, like a friend. They have never experienced people who can be seen only on the Internet, and for Jennifer himself, this is an unprecedented experience.

"one Saturday night, I got an e-mail when I was washing my clothes in the dorm. I said, 'I'm doing the laundry. I feel like I'm a loser, but I feel better now that you've been doing the same thing with me. "Jennifer said that he was pleased to let others have that do their own bad feeling.

"look at Jeanne" to Jennifer brought unprecedented fame. 1998, the famous American talk show host David Letterman interview with Jennifer. Not only is Letterman, she has also been reported by many newspapers and magazines as a special subject. At that time, there was not a variety of television shows, a young grassroots girl, millions of people can be logged on to the same site, has created a history.

at the beginning, the media's attention is still a regulatory type of curiosity. Until she and her boyfriend's close move into the mirror, so curious into a condemnation, people began to accuse her of narcissism and exposure. "My boyfriend and I first kiss in front of the camera, the website because too much traffic paralyzed instantly, then I heard the computer beep sounds like. He didn't want to come back to my room after he realized he had a kiss on his website. No one wants to appear on the screen, and no one wants to come to my room. "Why doesn't

avoid these scenes of exposure and intimacy? Jennifer said that the other side of the room to turn off the camera is very troublesome, she did not want to make this move to destroy the atmosphere of the moment.

7 years after the closure of the site

that a few years, Jennifer has been the object of online discussion, debate and analysis. Until one day after 7 years, she closed the site.

she was the first to reveal to the public personal life people, first because in front of the camera and the ordinary people become famous, first with completely unfamiliar users to share intimate and vulnerable moments of the people...... Why did it disappear under the name of

after graduating from University, Jennifer moved to Washington, in a company to do web design. Moving from the dorm to the apartment, she had more space to record. A "look at Jeanne" super fans sent her a bunch of cameras, Jennifer put them all installed into the new home and office, continue to live. Around 2000, Jennifer had a vote of imitators, they call themselves the "video girl". The spring of this year, Jennifer moved to California, Sacramento, another local "video girl" to help her find a home. But a few months later, Jennifer and the girl's fiance has a relationship, but also recorded a live shot down.

video circle exploded, anger spread to the news media. Even the "Washington Post" said Jennifer as "the red haired woman" and "immoral" seduce". Under the barrage of criticism, their relationship has not long.

unknowingly, this let including Jennifer himself, including the curious live experiment on the Internet, because too radical and no modification of the open and turned into a show. On the other hand, her pace of life began to become law-abiding, she did not approach every 5 minutes making a joke. Jennifer's direct seeding began to get bored.

visitor interest gradually decline. In December 31, 2003, Jennifer shut down the site. She backed up all the photos and diary entries, made the compressed files stored in the hard disk, and all the camera together to pack, put into the corner of her home warehouse.

away from social media

Jennifer took the camera up that year, the social networking site Myspace on the line. There were no Facebook, twitter and popular social media. But even now, these things are rarely used by Jennifer. In fact, she's far away from the Internet. Although some of her photos are still circulating on the Internet, but also have their own Wikipedia network entry, but "see Jeanne" hundreds of thousands of pictures and diary entries are not.

now, married Jennifer, is a programmer, still living in Sacramento . She said, did not expect that one day they will get married. Occasionally she would say "look at Jeanne" in life, but almost no one knows how important it is.

look at Jeanne in the heyday of one day hits can reach 7 million. At that time, the 40 year old Jennifer said he was "exhausted", now, she wants to focus on their own people as little as possible.

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