"Jiangnan leather factory," the ghost of the apology, but the magic of music or stop ah

Music Jiangnan leather factory

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" Jiangnan leather factory x gentleman "is a station up main spoof ghost animal tracks fire for a period of time, at the end of February, is said to "Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department" personally call for public relations image up main, said the audio from unscrupulous traders to discuss salary migrant workers identity marketing recordings, serious misrepresentation, loss of Wenzhou enterprises image.


that up main in the microblogging @ girl why wear short skirts publicly apologized and said delete video.

was not going to write this explosion brother thing, but has recently been around bestie have mozheng have a big head, to blame blame under this song.  

has been listening to this song, unconsciously twist the afternoon


818 so today decided the track behind Jiangnan leather factory boss Huang and what is there And the story of him and his sister in law.


< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 101);" > though ghost livestock video has been removed, but since after the fire, on the song adaptation has become Liaoyuanzhishi. In the network spread. The genre includes rural "font-family:;" DJ  (it is the magic of this choreography I gave out, "white-space: normal style=


above these still follow the original audio magic soundtrack, just to strengthen the local.


until appear a let people can not bear to look into the lyrical version and gentle version......


here in order to ensure don't put off powder, audio, and interested himself to search it, anyway, just listen to the two brother burst, goose bumps off a


but perhaps burst brother because after also has no taste, people listen to the lyric version of this evaluation :


yellow crane and sister-in-law love story also seems to put on the "Peony Pavilion" like romance, from a pair of being reviled the dog men and women story turned into the libertine and affectionate Miss students can be tightly can Kuangshi romance.


ha ha ha ha. This is who say you out I promise not to cut you off.

good the, these above are from the Internet the deep love, would like to say the following is the beginning of that period of the "culprit" audio, has also been Wenzhou businessmen besieged for a long time.


whether you were in the vast motherland is where Beijing, Tongzhou or  

Guangzhou Tianhe or style= color: RGB (102, 102, 101); font-family:; font-size: 14px; line-height: 2em;" > must have worked in a crowded corner by the audio effect and baptism , the audio file was not found, we look at the lyrics of their own brain complement + memory (note that the! Speaking fluent broadcasting cavity)


< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (32, 133, 142);" > "Zhejiang Wenzhou, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the biggest leather factory Jiangnan leather factory collapse! Boss yellow food and drink Piao gambling, owed 3.5 billion, with his sister-in-law ran. We have no way, holding a wallet to pay. The original price is more than and 300, more than and 200, more than and 100 of the purse, all twenty, all twenty! Yellow Crane Tower you are not a man, we worked so hard to give you do half a year, you don't pay, you are my hard-earned money, but also my hard-earned money! "

according to the audio burst brother speculated that there are at least 5 RGB (102, 102, 101); font size: 14px; line-height: 32px; >6 in the. So, Wenzhou up the main attack is not the first time, from 2013 RGB (102, 102, 101); font-size: 14px; line-height: 32px;" >10 July, Wenzhou chamber of Commerce to carry out large-scale rectification action against fake "crane recording events". But this time is from the line moved to the line.  

so, it swept the streets and alleys of the audio from the WHO hand? Where ever to come from?


Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce massive crackdown in that period of time, Chengdu version of audio recording initiative to surrender. Scored hotline of Chengdu, the media, claiming to be "scared of a good night's sleep", in the media on the interview he is revealed.


Yu Xiaolong said, his recording studio in last year 6 foreign business, main business is recorded songs on the album. Last year 10 in the mid to late one morning, a 40 year old man walked into the door of his shop, the body with a surge of thick wine, wearing a little sloppy, said not the standard Mandarin. He said to the tape, pulled out from the body of a little crumpled paper, above is the "yellow tape" presentation. Yu Xiaolong recalled, the text on the paper is very funny, he could not help laughing at a glance. Look at the sight of the drunk man, seemed to be some frustrated, let people feel very poor, feel that he is like a desperate employees.


"out of sympathy, Yu Xiaolong directly to dubbing staff help recorded this paragraph of word. 1 hours after the "crane recording" produced a good. This is the first small advertising studio with Yu Xiaolong, no money. Before leaving, the man took a purse for Yu Xiaolong as a thank you. The same day, Yu Xiaolong from the backpack to touch a wallet told reporters: "this is (the man sent) known as the" Jiangnan leather factory "production of the wallet, the quality is good, I am still in use. At first thought to be two hundred or three hundred, and later did not know is false!" Yu Xiaolong said with a smile.


send his wallet should be a long way.    

can according to detonation brother understood, Real Jiangnan leather factory, really audio is not say that.

the available business information, run away the boss Huang Jiangnan leather factory is a real person, does exist, Jiangnan leather factory boss 6, "font-family: style= 2013 company in Tahoma;" > 2 month; business license has been revoked.

story the earliest but also from the 2002 summer on the valve started Jiangnan holding group decided to put up a leather factory, chairman of the board in order to Display its rich to help the rich principle, accounting for only 50% shares, let his nephew Huang Helai legal, accounting for shares 10%.

(Huang He photo)

  style=" line-height: 2em < / span>

618, Jiangnan Industrial Park was born.

after a period of time when manufacturing hesitation Industry of tuyere, so Jiangnan leather factory, once to do fast, 2010 annual sales reached 3.41 billion yuan, profits 3425 million yuan, are in different cities opened branch.


however, ( story is often start from here become tortuous or dog blood ) when the crane, toward the pinnacle of life, which is the 2011 5, Huang director, in the family suddenly evaporated, along with it, and his family, and his sister-in-law go now, no research. Anyway, the outside world is very mysterious appearance.


2011 5 621 on style= "font-family:;" economic report "> century has also made a special report of the" Jiangnan style= leather 3 : Chairman Huang mysteriously disappeared "news.

factory boss because the volume of money run away in crisis, but run away is the reason in the 2011 years, director Huang Heqian because of huge debts run away, his uncle, and Jiangnan leather factory major shareholder Huang Zuoxing took nearly 1.3 billion yuan, repayment guarantee and factory workers wage.


in addition, in fact, Jiangnan leather factory is the production of leather , is a package rolls of material , instead of production of finished leather, so audio the lyrics" font-size: " wallet to pay "that does not have authenticity.


but, although audio lyrics mostly false, of ghost livestock video complaints and off the shelf netizens very uncomfortable.

as we all know it's just a spoof, brother also felt that they were not burst the spirit of entertainment. Only strange business owners who do not understand the two dimension, and they do not know the rules of the world of the two dimension is: love it, it is the ghost animal.


as whether commercial circle, circle of science and technology, political circles in the Internet environment becomes present situation of more and more of the entertainment, under the second element of culture, the state of mind of netizens also has plenty of entertainment.


so we can see, on both sides of the problem into expression package war; Rebs accepted his poor English level was Tucao and continued from black; even at the press conference of the vivo chairman quickly calm finishing - smile for the cameras ...


so, even if the Internet everything is magnified, but everything is going to be more and more tolerant, times have changed, why so seriously?


to see more exciting, please pay attention to WeChat: the Internet analysis (ID:techxue)


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