What happens when pregnant with brown discharge?

Pregnancy secretions brown how to do

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" when women have brown secretion occur later in pregnancy, the main reasons are the following several conditions:

< strong>: ectopic pregnancy ectopic pregnancy in menopause occurred 40 days of vaginal bleeding, accompanied by abdominal pain, pain, pain etc.. The urine pregnancy test was positive, and ultrasound intrauterine see pregnancy in the fallopian tube embryo sac, often the site can be found abnormal tumor.

: the infection of Trichomonas vaginalis infection easily cause leucorrhea, accompanied by stench, also occur the genitals itching. It is generally believed that this infection is a kind of sexually transmitted diseases, it is easy to be infected with each other between the partners, treatment must be treated at the same time to prevent cross infection and the treatment of cross infection and complete cure.

threatened abortion: is mainly manifested in the early pregnancy bleeding and abdominal pain. Generally in the threatened abortion stage, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain is less. If there is no abnormal embryonic development, after miscarriage treatment, will stop bleeding, can continue pregnancy.

common causes of early pregnancy appear brown secretion:

1. implantation bleeding

this is a fact, 1/4 pregnant women in the first week of pregnancy will experience mild vaginal bleeding (also known as implantation bleeding). When the brown secretion is generally considered to be normal. However, once the amount of bleeding increased, the need to immediately inform the doctor.

2. infection with

infection or inflammation is a common cause of brown secretions in the female reproductive system. In most gynecological diseases, such as cervical erosion, brown secretions are a common manifestation.

3. ectopic pregnancy

ectopic pregnancy is another common cause of vaginal discharge. Normally, the embryo will be implanted in the uterus, but ectopic pregnancy, means that the development of embryos implanted in the fallopian tube inside, which is likely to endanger the life of the serious situation. Some related symptoms are cramps and pain in the abdomen. If we are suffering from severe vaginal bleeding, be sure to seek immediate medical attention.

other reasons

4. early pregnancy, hormone concentrations and blood flow suddenly increased, so that the cervix of the skin sensitive, vaginal or cervical infection will lead to brown secretions appear.

the growth of cervical polyps often showed bleeding.

growth of uterine fibroids.

von hemophilia or other blood diseases will cause the pregnant woman to produce this brown discharge.

after pregnancy, brown discharge do

1 should stay in bed and rest, do not do strenuous activities, in addition to the toilet is best not to get out of bed, this phenomenon is usually in about 2 days will disappear.

2, in order to prevent vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is caused by gynecologic disease, it is recommended to the hospital to find out the reasons; when pregnant with brown secretion, the best doctor right away, because this may be the symptom of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. In the late pregnancy, such bleeding symptoms may also be a problem in the placenta.

when should worry about Brown secretions

if Brown secretions are not implantation bleeding, the need for immediate diagnosis. If you have a fever, accompanied by syncope, abdominal pain, cramps and dizziness symptoms, need immediate medical treatment, because they may cause some serious disease. Treatment depends on the cause and duration of pregnancy. If the brown discharge continues for some time, we observe a change in color or an increase in emissions, and even a sense of spasm and pain, immediately seek medical help or contact our doctor.

expert tips: if pregnant mothers are pregnant for the first time, and the discharge is brown, and there is no exception, this is a natural phenomenon. This brown discharge will appear in the first three months, usually within 3 to 2 days, and no need for any medical management. But some women may have red or pink secretions. In general, spotting is tasteless and has no pain, discomfort or burning sensation. There are brown secretions of pregnant women, in the absence of other adverse symptoms (such as severe vaginal bleeding), it should be kept relaxed, and take a full rest. Note:

early pregnancy leucorrhea increases, transparent watery occasionally yellowish, no smell is normal, early pregnancy bleeding is a common phenomenon. In the early stage of pregnancy, the influence of the rapid increase of hormone, the increase of vaginal discharge is normal. If the vulva does not itch, vaginal discharge without odor, do not have to worry about. But if genital itching, pain. Including leucorrhea yellow, smell, odor and other early pregnancy leucorrhea symptoms, you need to go to hospital, which may be caused because of the vulva or vagina disease. If left unchecked, may affect the growth and development of the fetus.

leucorrhea Brown should be vigilant, if pregnancy leucorrhea with color and odor, and degeneration of the vulva pruritus symptoms, should be timely to the hospital to do the relevant leucorrhea, prevent vaginitis is possible, if not treated, may cause abortion and infertility.

experts pointed out that for pregnant women, in the early stages of pregnancy, the most dangerous thing than ectopic pregnancy and abortion, and the occurrence of these two cases of pregnant women will have abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge and so on. Leucorrhea brown to consider is caused by inflammation, abnormal vaginal discharge in pregnant women during, are very susceptible to infection with inflammation. It is recommended that women should go to the hospital to check, timely treatment, to prevent the impact of increased inflammation of the fetus.

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What happens when pregnant with brown discharge?