The aesthetic beauty of this Japanese plastic program has made me.

Japan purpose AKB48 exo

juziyule· 2016-10-26 16:40:02

South Korea plastic "Let beauty" program has been on show

for orange Jun recently, Ju Zijun found a Japanese version of the show called "Witch of plastic". The

process is always the same: the guests are due to the appearance of causes of bullying and humiliation, when my story will shed tears, the volume can not be non integer...

several presenters heard the guests after the start of misery to help her pick up, doctor. Class= img_box "

", but with this program of cooperation in the aesthetic beauty of the doctor is really so I can not understand.

like this girl, because of the appearance of reasons, from being bullied, is said to have xingchouwei.

", at the age of 28, she is the kind of long

" after all, become so...

Exo me

which is like this? 8 months after the operation, like the past 30 years! Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" such as this girl, was called "rag woman" from a young age, the whole long before this.

" is good some right, but how to feel or aunt...

and the girl, before the whole, some serious teeth.

" into AKB48

after the whole, do not understand why the wind doctor people make such a big mouth...

" to see a few programs, feeling only success is the girl.

whole before the eyes droop, lifeless.

" after all, gorgeous counter attack.

is some of the face is too stiff.

" anyway, no matter is not really beautiful, all the guests to see the host after all this way to

" the acting, I give out "

met the last sentence an aesthetic normal cosmetic doctor how heavy To...

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