Samsung will push the update for the Note 7: the amount of charge is limited to 60%

Samsung note galaxy electric quantity

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Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued, but there are still a large number of users are all back to feel good in using this set the machine, rather than return to the Galaxy S7 Edge refund or replacement. For Samsung, even if no new explosive fire case recently, the company still did not dare to let down. in order to reduce the risk to lower, Samsung has been ready for the current Note Galaxy 7 machine owners push the update in October, the main measure is to limit the amount of charge to 60%.

" this update is not exactly the same as that of September, but further reduced the risk of overheating of the battery or the fire. Samsung to do so we can understand, but for the rest of the Note Galaxy 7 users, their actual use (life) will be greatly affected.

Samsung said the current round of updates will be started in October 31st, and is still strongly recommended that we will be back to deal with the device. After all, even after playing the patch, Note Galaxy 7 of the unexpected risks still exist.

Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland IT mobile vice president Pierce Conor said:

consumer safety, is still our top priority. The battery software update is designed to alert all Note Galaxy 7 users to replace the device at hand.

because of the equipment to live up to the expectations of the excellent quality of consumers, we apologize again, sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

, the South Korean electronics giant, explained that the current round of updates to the main European area, because here has successfully replaced the Galaxy Note 2/3 7, the remaining is not willing to hand over to the store to store the recall.

consumers can post replacement S7 Galaxy or Edge S7, you can refund the full refund and choose other brands models.

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