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Hailun stock market three quarterly net profit.

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, [October 28th] fiscal union morning news featured

macro news: Xinhua news agency released China Bulletin of the Communist Party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, plenum listened to and discussed by Xi Jinping by the Political Bureau of the Central Commission for the work report, approved the "several criteria" about the political life of the party under the new situation and China "Communist Party Supervision Regulations", review through the "on the convening of the nineteenth National Congress of the party's resolution".

news: (1) the NDRC called coal enterprises signed a long association of work; (2) Ma Jun: the central bank balance sheet financing has not yet been formally included in the broad scope of credit; (3) with a touch screen OLED Apple released the new MacBook Pro; (4) Shenzhen Municipal Commission of real estate special action to attack suspected: P2P "Shoufu loan"; (5) the Energy Bureau intends to push the upgraded version of the PV "leader" plan; (6) Unmanned technology roadmap released the development of power industry; (7) the State Council issued a document to promote the rehabilitation aids industry development; (8) the State Council issued the national agricultural modernization plan; (9) Jiangsu province in Suzhou the preparation of Second Provincial AMC; (10) the first domestic aircraft carrier hull together; (11) the exascale supercomputer to start development; (12) the opinions of the development of Shanghai big data Debut, the future of the core industry output value will reach 100 billion; (13) Boeing signed a cooperation agreement with a number of Chinese aviation manufacturing enterprises.

news: (1) Shenzhen Century cruise questioning 30 billion cross-border mergers and acquisitions case; (2) Huangshanghuang Lutianhua, self suspension stock transaction; (3) Hengda ieslab Insurance Holdings in shares of approximately 4.95% shares, Zhongke Sanhuan 0.54%; (4) the Great Wall information since November 1st continuous suspension and termination of listing; (5 Chinese) nuclear power three quarterly net profit by 9.2%, gold card stock holdings of more than 40 million; (6) from the Tengda Hengda building, Yongding list of top ten shareholders; (7) Vanke first three quarter net profit of 8 billion 262 million yuan, an increase of 20.54%; (8) Digitalchina three quarterly results in an increase of 11 times; (9) gold the first three quarters of net profit grew 4.5 times; (10) Nanshan aluminum will provide aircraft grade aluminum for Boeing aircraft; (11) long Jian shares group consortium bid 4 billion 980 million EPC general contract project.

subscription of new shares: the national inspection group, the purchase code 732060, the issue price of 10.04 yuan; the eastern section of the purchase code 002819, the issue price of 4.96 yuan.

two, [six plenary session of the party building in the new era of wisdom concerns related stocks]

Xinhua news agency released the evening of October 27th China Communist Party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee communique, the plenum listened to and discussed the Xi Jinping by the Political Bureau of the Central Commission for the work report, approved the "several criteria" about the political life of the party under the new situation and Chinese Communist Party "Supervision Regulations", "passed on the convening of the nineteenth National Congress of the party's resolution".

outside generally believe that the traditional party building work requires the use of information technology to improve the means to open a new era of wisdom of the party.

Fei Li (300287) research and development of the wisdom of the party project has achieved results, the main business of information (603918) focused on the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions.

[three, land transfer to accelerate the process of agricultural land resources to highlight the value of]

State Council officially released the national agricultural modernization plan (2016-2020 years), strengthen land circulation and scale operation management services. Actively develop various forms of moderate scale management, and guide farmers to voluntarily orderly transfer of land management rights, support the development of a variety of forms of land circulation and other forms of moderate scale management.

comment: in the driving factors of land ownership, agricultural scale operation, is expected to accelerate the process of land circulation, relevant enterprises with land resources is expected to gain more market opportunities.

Hui Long shares (002556) as the leading agricultural circulation; Yasheng group (600108), Hainan rubber (601118) and the Great Northern Wilderness (600598) has a large number of land resources under the flag.

four, [the first domestic aircraft carrier hull together industry chain will be driven by]

's defence ministry said the development of China's first aircraft carrier made is carried out according to plan, the design work has been completed, the main hull has been closed at the dock in the molding, ongoing equipment installation and outfitting construction work.

comments: aircraft carrier formation is a huge system engineering, involving ships, aviation, aerospace, weapons, electronics and other fields, industrial chain leading role.

A share company, China Heavy Industries (601989), the ship defense (600685), China Aviation Electronics (600372).

five, [the State Council to promote the rehabilitation aids industry development]

the State Council issued a number of opinions on accelerating the development of rehabilitation aids industry. The views put forward, to 2020, the independent innovation ability of rehabilitation aids industry increased significantly, industrial scale exceeded 700 billion yuan, reasonable layout, industrial structure, product categories are rich in basic form, the emergence of a number of well-known brands and advantages of industrial clusters.

related stocks may be concerned about the long letter to health (002105), Edan instruments (300206), Hainan Pharmaceutical (000566) etc..

[seven, the National Energy Bureau intends to push the upgraded version of the PV "leader" programme]

National Energy Bureau will be in the existing "leader" basis, will launch an upgraded version of the "leader plan" to have large-scale production capacity but due to the high cost of advanced technology, market awareness hinder production capacity has not yet release key with the help of advanced technology support, "technology lock" bottleneck breakthrough.

comment: upgrade the launch version of "leader" of the plan, will give some real market potential, can lead the photovoltaic technology in the future to provide a rare opportunity for development. The

A shares of listed companies may be concerned about the power of the sun (300274), Oriental Sunrise (300118), Lungi shares (601012) etc..

eight, [unmanned technology roadmap released the development of power industry

] according to reports, in order to achieve highly or fully automatic driving before 2021, China Automobile Engineering Association released unmanned technology roadmap. 2026 to 2030, each vehicle should be the use of unmanned or auxiliary driving system.

A shares of listed companies, about 1000 Technology (002373), Tuopu group (601689), the science and Technology (002590).

nine, [five express listed will complete double eleven

catalyst] ushered in the largest express pass officially listed for trading on the NYSE, the final issue price is $19.5 per share, which has become the largest U.S. IPO this year. As in listing, SF, tact and Shentong backdoor have approved, the courier industry has entered the era of capital.

in the short term, the double eleven will be the strongest catalyst for the courier industry. In the long term, the future use of the capital market integration and expansion of the industry to help beyond the growth rate.

A shares in the company, Yuantong Express (600233) introduced Ali as a strategic investor; STO backdoor Edisi (002468) will be passed.

[ten, three quarters of new social security fund holdings of 103 shares]

statistics show that currently published in three quarterly reports of listed companies, the national social security fund respectively in the 242 listed companies in the list of top ten shareholders. The company is one of 49 new varieties of the social security fund, 54 companies in this period is the period of being overweight, new or holdings of 103 companies; in addition there are 50 companies in the social security number of positions unchanged, 90 companies have holdings.

from the new period of holding stocks, the Bank of Nanjing for the period from the social security fund to hold new number first, and three flower shares, Sanyou chemical and Wan Liyang, as one church, Xing Rong environment, Sichuan investment energy, Zhejiang Longsheng stocks such as the new period of social security fund holdings are more than 20 million shares.

eleven [European stock markets were mixed, gold prices rose fell

yen] Thursday U.S. stocks fell slightly, mainly focus on the market the company's three quarter earnings; European stocks fell slightly, health-care stocks strong performance. The price of gold rose slightly, the United States COMEX12 month gold futures prices rose 0.36%, to $1271.10 / ounce; Saudi Arabia cut position 4%, the international crude oil futures closed up Thursday concussion, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures closed up Thursday in December 1.10%, at $49.72 / barrel. U.S. dollar index fell again Thursday, the pound fell, the yen fell below the 105 mark.

fiscal union statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of self.

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