Porsche sports car body back 108 violations will be detained


wuhanwanbao· 2016-10-28 12:06:22

yesterday, Provincial Police Corps Bristol Police Brigade seized a Porsche soft top sports car, 108 of every kind of violations of the car was shocked.

10" on Sept. 27, Xu driving a Porsche boast two seater sports car from Wuhan to Xiantao, Xiantao Yi Expressway toll station when the traffic police check in the Han dynasty. Look, this car has 108 traffic violations untreated, which in Wuhan through the bridge single cut line 22, there are 12 red light records, 1 times and 4 times of speeding speeding more than 50% 20%-50% record in our province on the highway, but also on the highway parking was suspected in the pictures, photos show pee.

Xu said, because he has been penalized more, not to deal with, resulting in overdue inspection of vehicles; he himself was in Guangdong in June of this year's license was suspended for drunk driving. After returning to Wuhan, often to drive from the business relationship, he would find false traffickers spend money to do a fake driver's license.

traffic police said, because of the use of forged driving license for driving a vehicle and vehicle overdue inspection, will face detention and a fine of 5200 yuan of punishment. Class= img_box "

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